Ancient Leadership: Nine Qualities of a Strong King

Growing up, I wrestled and pursued fitness, and I chased girls and sex as if they were salvation. And I tried to learn everything, giving me a false sense of control. I often felt the intense energies of the Warrior, lover, and wise man, but I rarely felt connected to the king. A king can — and should — order and balance all of these other energies.

As I seek to be a better king and a better leader in my own earthly domains, I’ve noticed some essential qualities:

• Order: With the help of the Warrior, a king sets a boundary on relationships and organizes resources such as people, time, money, health, and physical environment.

• Infinite Benevolence: With infinite fatherly love, good kings want all people, even their enemies, to thrive.

• Counsel: With benevolence, the king honors all his advisors and seeks counsel, even from those who disagree with him. Awhile back, Dmitri Bilgere wrote about Level 3 emotional intelligence. A healthy king is at level 3 or 4, free of the rule of his own emotions as well as the rule of other people’s emotions.

• Decisiveness: After considering all counsel, the ideal king can quickly assess current reality and make the right decision at the right time.

• Legacy: Good leaders stay true to plans with long-term benefits, not just what feels good in the moment. Good kings see what’s best for the whole kingdom for generations, not only a few people in one. Sometimes it is costly and lonely to hold this long-term vision. So much of the country disapproved of Lincoln that it went to war with itself.

Communication: Good leaders communicate their decisions and vision concisely, precisely, and consistently, striving to promote unity and joy.

• Joy and Creativity: A good king, leader, especially a father, know how to dance, how to play uninhibited by shame. His family is a source of great joy and creativity.

• Connected to Spiritual Power: A healthy king connects with our sovereign spiritual power the Highest, knowing that ruling the kingdom is impossible without spiritual power from beyond the natural world.

• Assurance: Because all these other qualities are strong, the king feels self-assured and can facilitate that same assurance and peace in those around him.