I meet her for Sunday jazz brunch at a local restaurant after weeks of flirting on fet. The way our personalities danced and the banter flowed freely lead to much anticipation for our first date.

Her spirit was wild. She wasn’t just one thing you could fold neatly and tuck into a box and check it off and say “yes, that’s exactly what she’s like.” No, she was complicated to say the least. When she talked of blow jobs, beatings, sex and submission and every little thing you could possibly wedge between all those lovely topics, including all the tidbits of her vanilla doings, she would talk about it all with both a sincerity and a hint of sarcasm at the same time. It’s like I’m not even sure if she knows how much of her words to believe. But none the less, her delicious words could both warm my spirt and make my cock hard as a rock. She was complicated, yes, but fuck was she talented.

I arrived early to put our name on the list and she showed up about ten minutes later wearing a black dress and high heels. Her ass was speaking a language of its own that I couldn’t stop looking at, ah I mean listening to. She sat next to me on the waiting sofa and we started exchanging smiles and pleasantries then moving on to small talk.

We were finally seated and ordered brunch and mimosas. Once her initial nervousness started to disappear and the alcohol was dancing in her bloodstream, her sultry, slutty mouth couldn’t keep quiet.

“Damn I wish your cock was in my mouth right now, ” she said, taking a pause from eating to deliver that line with a smirk.

Fuck me. I’m thinking was this broad serious? She was mere inches across the table from me and I still felt like I was on the receiving end of an elaborate joke. I mean I did get a sudden erection from just that one thought of ramming my cock to the back of her throat and telling her how much I would love seeing her mouth being used for its proper purpose. So I just smiled back and continued chatting about more appropriate topics, while trying to play it cool and seemingly unfazed.

We walked back to our respective cars and continued to engage in conversation. It had been a wonderful date thus far and I could tell by her obvious body language that she was smitten with me. Even with all the sexual conversations we had prior and on that date, I didn’t see the benefit in pushing for any sort of play. Up to that point both of us was having a good time and I knew we would see each other again.

I walked her to her car which was by the inclosed staircase. She turned around and rested her back onto her car, facing me. I leaned in without permission, because all the permission I needed was in her eyes and took a kiss that was rightfully mine. It was passionate and we pressed into one another as if this was the last kiss we would ever have.

“Fuck, I want to be your little whore and be used so bad right now, ” she whimpered.

Suddenly my hand was around her neck and the darkness came over my eyes like a storm moving in. I pressed my grip tightly around her to let her know I was not fucking around. As quick as I had gripped her, I then released her and watched as she gasped for that tasty breath. I grabbed her wrist and told her she was fucking coming with me.

I leaned my shoulder into the door leading into the staircase and burst through it like a running back breaking tackles. She was dragging behind my pace and I was having to jerk her forward. When I looked back she was still wearing that smirk, I couldn’t read it, because mixed with her eyes, it was almost saying fuck yes and oh fuck at the same time.

I took her to underneath the secluded staircase where we were properly out of sight. It didn’t look like the floor had been swept in ages. I told her to get on her knees and helped her by grabbing a fist full of hair and in a furious motion pushed her down. Her beautiful eyes were watering a little and smiling up at me. It’s like everything she does is with a dual emotional response.

I moved behind her and took out a zip tie from my back pocket and bound her hands together behind her back. Fear, excitement and the overcoming realisation that this was actually happening washed over her. She was dripping wet and breathing hard.

Not as hard as my cock that I pulled out and started to face fuck her with. Grabbing the back of her head while I did and making her take all of me. It was amazing and she was completely focused, sucking away like the amazing slut she is. Then her phone rang and she started making an urgent noise that let me know that the call might be important. I pulled out of her mouth and she said she needed to take the call in case it was her kid. I took the phone from her purse and she proceeded to talk to her daughter as if she was anywhere except on her knees and bound giving a guy she just met a blowjob. After a few minutes she says I love you and the call ended. I put the phone back into her purse and she started to tell me with a giggle something her daughter had just said. Now, it’s not that I didn’t want to hear what she had to say, it’s just I needed to use her mouth for something else at the moment.

So I looked down at her and told her to shut the fuck up, no, really, shut the fuck up. I’ll take you to an after brunch /blowjob coffee and hear all about your awesome kids but right now I need you to finish what you started you dirty slut. ( A beautiful, amazing, intelligent, wonderful mother, hard astute caretaker, good friend and funny conversationalist slut). I didn’t tell her any of those things in parentheses because I thought they might distract from the moment, I just let the lovely slut finish her job instead and we both enjoyed the rest of our first date. Something tells me we will be seeing each other again.