Important things I’ve learned From Not Following The Crowd

In our world, we see people following the crowd all the time whether it is due to an informational effect or a direct-benefit effect. However we haven’t really studied the full set of what kind of consequences come from an information cascade. As we will see, following the crowd can actually be a dangerous option as an information cascade.

Most people do what they do because they see others doing it. We have a fear of doing ”us” because we are afraid of the puzzle piece not fitting.

1. Doing ”you” acquires more self love

2. You are more focused

3. Less stress

You love yourself more when you don’t look for yourself in others and try to seek acceptance. You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are. Because the only person you can judge is yourself.

When you follow your own path it’s easier to get back on if you get knocked off, because people will try to knock you off, even if you are working on your own terms.

You are way more focused than you would be if you were living with another person. You are not distracted by the impression of getting a ”yes” every time.

You stress levels decrease in many ways. That voice won’t be in your head on how to make everyone happy. Nobody is in the way but yourself.

Comparing yourself to others is a very bad way of expressing yourself, because most of us level ourselves based on others.

We also care about what other people think most of the time, so we adjust to what they want us to be, and in the end, we are not happy