“No, no, no. Keep your arm up and your back straight. Posture is everything.” Sarah had heard this so many times today she just wanted to cry. The violin quivered in her fingers. Mr. Lions looked over at her, then closed his eyes while running his hand down his face. He sighed. “I suppose this is enough for today. You seem overly tired.” He sighed again, and began to pack his own violin in it’s black case. Sarah watched him sadly. She so loved the violin.

She had been taking lessons since she was 15, and after three years of practice, she was actually quite good. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hold a candle to a virtuoso like Mr. Lions. The way he drew the bow made her shiver, as did the way he could make his instrument cry and sing under his delicate touch. He moved so gracefully, like a cat dreamily curling up for a nap. Even now as he packed up, he moved with a fluid grace.

He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes.”Does something about me interest you Miss Helens?” He said coolly, raising an eyebrow at her. Sarah realized she had been staring at him and quickly looked down. Suddenly her cheeks seemed unbearably hot. “Sometimes I wonder if you are cut out to play the violin at all and if

I’m not wasting my time,” He half muttered to himself.Sarah looked up sharply. “Oh no, please Mr. Lions! I love violin more than I love anything else in the world! Please!””Really?” There was that look again. Sarah suppressed a shiver.”Yes, really. Maybe I just need some more practice? Everyone says I have talent, even my Mom.

You can’t just let that go to waste can you?” Mr. Lions smiled. One of Mr. Lion’s smiles was like looking into the face of a faintly amused panther. “There may be something I can do. Would your parents be agreeable to letting me teach you at my home tonight? I have better materials and acoustics there anyway.” he said quietly.”You would do that? I mean, really? For me? Thank You! I’m, I’m honored. I don’t know what to say…” Sarah immediately started to babble until Mr. Lions placed a finger against her lips and shushed her.”It will cost a little more.

After all, my time is valuable. But since your parents are more than likely counting on you getting an artistic scholarship, I’m sure they will more than understand. Now I must be going. The school will be closing in an hour anyway.” Mr. Lions neatly placed his sheet music into his briefcase, and then with a smile and a wave left the small dingy high school music room. Sarah sighed. It was like a dream come true. Alone and in private with Mr. Lions. He was so cool. She almost felt like a different person around him.

Everyone else always talked about how dry he was, but Sarah knew he must have some passion built up within him to be able to play the way he did. She had had a crush on him for the longest time, although she would certainly never admit it to her friends. After all, he was, like, old. He must have been at least 30. Sarah drove home and told her parents about Mr. Lions generous offer. Her mom brushed her aside and went back to her paper work.

Her father grinned and almost began telling the story of how his grandfather had played the violin for President, but Sarah managed to escape in time to avoid her father butchering what might have been an interesting anecdote. She went to her room. She looked at her self in the mirror.There she was. She was too fat. Sarah sighed at her uncooperative body. She had been trying to lose weight recently, but meeting with only limited success


She teased a her hair and sighed. There was just no way of getting the straight black mop too do anything interesting. She twiddled with the ends, wondering if she had them cut too short. Still, even if her body wasn’t the best, she could still try to look sexy for Mr. Lions. Sarah barely understood why she wanted to, but began to rummage in her closet anyway. She slid out of her jeans and T-shirt and put on a black miniskirt and a white blouse. She looked at herself again. She looked almost classy. Sarah smiled.

She threw her panties in the dirty clothes and went to finds a fresh pair. She searched through her underwear drawer several minutes. Socks, socks, socks, that vibrator she stole from Mom, more socks…No underwear made itself apparent. Sarah sighed and moved to retrieve the underwear she had worn.The she had a thought. A wicked smile crept over Sarah’s face.Sarah looked in the mirror. As long as she kept her legs a certain way, the skirt was just long enough to conceal her lack of panties. Sarah smiled again, and flashed herself in the mirror.

She laughed and then went downstairs, carefully avoiding her parents so as to not have to answer any uncomfortable questions about her clothes.Sarah drove up into Mr. Lion’s driveway. He had a beautiful house in the historical district. Sarah walked up to the door and rang the bell. Mr. Lion’s answered the door. He had changed too.

Rather than the suit he wore to school, he was just wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of simple black pants. His long hair which he normally kept bound was loose and hung like a thick gold mane. He smiled warmly.”Come in, Sarah.” He said, and waved her into the house. Sarah followed staring at him. She could see muscle through that shirt. Mr. Lions must work out at least some.

He moved with such grace and power, even when he was just crossing the living room. He was tall and while not broadly built, conveyed a sense of big shoulders that merely need to be expected, not actually exist. He turned and looked at her, with his eyebrow raised.”Am I really so fascinating a subject Sarah?” He said with a warm smile.

Sarah tried to look down, but he walked up to her and took her chin in his hands. “No. Look at me. If you let your awe of me over come you, you will never be my equal.” Sarah felt like her body was on fire. Mr. Lions backed up and continued. “I notice things, Sarah. I notice the way you look at me while I’m teaching. The way you stare. The way your fingers move. The way you breathe.

I’m not an unobservant man. I’ve watched you, and I know you have the capacity for greatness. You are holding yourself back.” He said matter-of-factly. “What you need is more self control. What you need is a little more…discipline.” He stared hard into her eyes as he said it, and Sarah felt the words like leather gloves running over her body. “The first thing you need is to acknowledge this discipline. You will not call me Mr. Lions.

You will call me Master. Do you understand?”Sarah gulped. “Um, okay.””Say, `Yes Master’.” “Yes, Master” Sarah said, almost choking on her words.”Now the second thing we must work on is your posture. Stand here,” He demanded.

Sarah walked over to the spot. Mr. Lion’s then went over to the piano stool nearby and pulled out a length of rope. He bent down at Sarah’s legs, and wordlessly began to tie them together.

Sarah’s breath grew shallow and ragged as she felt the cool silk rope twine itself around her legs. Mr. Lions tie the rope together at her waist, then handed her her violin and bow and picked up his own. “Now play as I do.”

He moved his legs together and drew the bow across the strings slowly. Sarah copied him almost perfectly. He then went a note higher. Sarah copied him again. He went higher again. Sarah copied him with some effort.

He then went much higher, and Sarah tried desperately to copy him, but the note was impure. Mr. Lions walked behind her and grabbed her hair. “Keep you head like this,” he said coolly, without a trace of force in his voice but with an iron grip on Sarah’s hair. “Now, C, G, A, B,” Sarah accidentally hit D instead, and suddenly felt a sharp whap on her thigh as Lions struck her sharply with his bow.

Sarah gasped. She wiggled uncontrollably, and was rewarded with another whap on the thigh, this one harder. Sarah gasped again but this time stayed still. “Now, C, A, D,” she heard whispered in her ear. His breathe was hot. Sarah continued trying to hit each note as he said it, but was whacked every time she was off. Soon she was whacked when she wasn’t fast enough.

The whacks were growing into a steady tempo as the notes rattled on. Large red welts began to appear on her thighs. Sarah could not help wiggling, which only brought more whacks. As she wiggled, her skirt began to ride further and further up. She made a move as if to pull it down again, but Lions pulled her hair back sharply.

She resumed her playing. Soon her skirt ridden up so high that her cunt and butt were completely exposed, and the fabric had wedged itself into the rope. Sara felt absolutely humiliated, but the idea of being naked in front of Mr. Lions turned her on immensely. “E, F, G, A,” he panted into her ear. The notes were getting higher, and the tension of the strings was cutting into her fingers.

Suddenly she felt Mr. Lions’ bow move down between her legs as he rubbed it hard back and forth against her cunt. “OH!” Sarah yelled, and almost fell over. She quickly recovered. The notes were coming higher now. She did her best to concentrate on her bow throughout the enormous pleasure she was feeling. Sarah grit her teeth as she drove out each note. Lion’s rubbed the bow faster. The pain in her fingers was burning, but she could hardly feel it.

The notes began to escalate, soon reaching a fevered pitch. Sarah played faster and faster, torn between wishing to block the hellish pain or the agonizing pleasure. Her bow flew across the strings, shrieking out in the fury she wished she could voice herself. The violin cried and sang as the pitch grew.

Sarah shuddered, and with one final stroke, her body burning for release, she pulled the bow to release an orgasmic pitch. Her body shook violently as orgasm overtook her, and she fell to the floor in a heap. Soft red liquid poured from her fingers.Lions was on her in an instant. He brought each bloodied finger to his mouth and sucked it softly. He looked into her eyes again. “Now I am going to fuck you, and not only that, you will beg me to fuck you. Now. Beg.” He said, his voice like a velvet caress.”Please master,” Sarah panted, “please fuck me.

Please God, fuck me master.” Sarah arched her hips off the floor. With a growl Lions pulled off his pants and grabbed her, roughly shoving his cock into her from behind. “Oh Yes!” Sarah screamed. “Fuck me master! Please fuck me!” Lions began to pound into her hard. Each thrust pressed Sarah’s body against the floor.

His cock felt huge inside her. His rough hands reached in front of her and grabbed her tits. Sarah moaned.

She could feel his hot breath against her neck. “God Yes, Oh Holy Fuck Yes,” she babbled as the thrusts quickened even further.

Sarah desperately pushed back to meet his hard thrusts. Sarah began to scream, and her voice joined the deep throated growl of Mr. Lions and the smack of there flesh meeting as one.

“Oh God Holy Fuck Yes,” Sarah cried. Mr. Lions growled. “Now my beautiful slut, I want you to come for me. I want you to come for your master.

I want you to scream it out as your cunt squeezes me.” He grabbed her hair. “Do it for your master. Show me you are mine. Now.” and with that he kissed her hard and full. “MASTER I’M COMING FOR YOU!”

Sarah shook with orgasm, thrashing against her bond screaming. Lions held her head as her entire body shook and spasemed.

The pleasure was almost painful with it’s intensity. Slowly, her orgasm subsided, and Lion’s withdrew his cock. “Now you will finish me off my little bella forte,” he said, and thrust his cock into Sarah’s mouth, which she hungrily accepted.

Lions slowly groaned as Sarah sucked him faster and faster, desperate to do anything to please her wonderful new master. Her tongue slide across the salty shaft as she sucked her juices from him.

Lions began to thrust his hips against her as he pulled her head down onto his cock, almost gagging her. “Oh, my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD,” Lions shouted as a thick torrent of cum shot down Sarah’s throat. Sarah gulped hungrily at it.Lions bent to kiss her. Sarah smiled up at him. “Thank you Master. Ohhh my I’m dripping for you!””…she moaned breathlessly…I had only just begun…

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