She waits for her Master, her body positioned as she was told just before He left. she is on her knees, thighs spread wide, forehead touching the cool floor , arms stretched out to either side of her.

This is Master’s favorite position as it leaves her ass high in the air and her cunt spread open for inspection and use. her ears pick up His footsteps as He walks into the room, heels clicking loudly on the cement floor. His footsteps stop just behind her. she feels His eyes roam over her body, remaining perfectly still under His gaze. A slow smile spreads across her face as she feels His hands reach down caressing her buttocks; big, strong hands caressing, squeezing, spreading them apart His thumbs running down between them. His thumbs pressing gently against the rosebud, before He swats her once on the ass His hands letting go of her. He walks around to her side stopping just before her outstretched arm leaning down to attach a leash to the collar around her neck, tugging on it lifting her to her knees her hands immediately going under her on all fours now. she follows the tug of the leash crawling behind Him. He stops in the center of the room, removing the leash and attaching her collar to the iron ring in the floor. she looks up to Him a question in her eyes…..her lips part to ask her question…..before the words can leave her mouth He slips a bit gag in securing it around the back of her head.

“No pet, no questions tonight. you will submit to me, without the questions you always seem to have.”

She nods her head, her cheek rubbing against the cold floor.

“That’s better, pet.”

Slowly He moves around her grasping her wrist stretching it towards a stake in the floor she had not noticed til now. Quickly, He slips the leather cuff around her wrist securing it to the stake, moving around her and doing the same to her free wrist. Strangled sounds come from her as her support is taken from under her, her full breasts hitting the floor, nipples hardening instantly almost painfully hard. She turns her head from side to side noticing that her arms are stretched at a downward angle, all the while listening as He moves. her leg muscles twitch as He runs a finger lightly down the back of her thigh, over her calf down to her ankle. His fingers wrap tightly around her ankle slowly pulling her leg out and upwards securing the second cuff attached to the stake to it. She winces as her leg is pulled nearly horizontal, her moans muffled by the gag. He chuckles lightly as He moves to her free limb securing that one too, her legs spread wide displaying her ass and smoothly shaven pussy.

She thinks a million thoughts as she hears Him walk away, only to hear Him return with what sounds like a cart the wheels squeaking and wobbling. Listening, as He rummages through the thing on top of the cart, she wonders what it is He is looking for. Jerking against the bonds, she cries out softly against the gag, feeling His fingers slide between her ass cheeks sliding something long and narrow into her ass. She wiggles her hips slightly adjust to the feel of it, breathing a sigh of relief as it’s in deep but not too deep. All of a sudden a warm liquid is flowing into her, filling her bowels to capacity………groaning against the gag feeling as though she will burst any second it stops.

“Hold it in, pet, not a single drop escapes.”

Nodding her head yes she clenches her ass muscles tightly around the nozzle as He pulls it out of her, shoving a large plug into her ass immediately. Her eyes grow wide feeling herself stretched wider than ever before, groaning loudly against the gag.

“You like that, pet?”

She tries to respond her words unintelligible due to the gag.

“It would seem you are at a loss for words, pet”, He chuckles. “But, it does sound like those are grunts of pleasure.” He continues.

His last word punctuated by one last forceful push against the plug. A low moan coming from her. Lightly slapping her on the ass He moves back a bit, stepping to where she can see Him from the corner of her eye. His hands reaching for His belt, undoing the buckle and removing it from His pants with a ‘swoosh’. Her eyes sweep shut, the last thing she sees is Him folding the belt in half.

“Open them”, He says sharply. “Watch me, pet, enjoy seeing it as it happens.”

she whimpers helplessly, His words sending a twinge of pleasure through her. her cunt wet just from His words. Watching as He begins to run the belt over her cheeks, the leather swooshing back and forth caressing her gently. She notices His biceps tensing, arm drawing back, then in a flash the leather comes down cracking over her cheeks.


The leather stings across her ass, the first strike making her gasp as she can already feel her buttocks growing warm she knows it will be days before she will be able to sit comfortably.


Harder this time the leather belt comes down on her ass, hitting her at an angle that pushes the plug in her in her a little deeper reminding her how full she is there.


her eyes never leave Him watching the belt arc through the air before it lands on her ass. She wiggles and strains against the bonds her ass now a light pink, where it was creamy white before.




she feels the leather bite into her skin over and over again as it strikes her creamy white buttocks, criss crossing them with bright red welts.


she watches His arm draw further back this time the belt whistling thru the air coming down to land on her cheeks…..


she yelps, tears welling up in her eyes, her body writhing against the floor as much as her bonds will allow. her wet cunt rubbing against the smooth cement. Slowing down He drags the belt over her wet lips, her body responding to the light touch of the leather, arching her ass into the air as high as she can. Slowly, He turns the belt sideways the edges catching on her swollen clit. Whimpering uncontrollably, her body begs for more, she peers at Him watching as He steps behind her. Kneeling between her outstretched legs His hands slowly travel over them, moving higher till just His fingertips brush her wet cunt…….she cries out softly against the gag…. His hands move quickly undoing His pants, His arousal taking over He shoves them down over His hips, scooching forward a bit more His legs sliding underneath her thighs raising her cunt and ass higher before grasping His hard cock running the engorged head up and down her wet slit then plunging to the hilt in one stroke…..her eyes widen as she shudders in pleasure, a low raspy moan making its way through the gag. He slides one hand softly up over her back, her head turns watching His hand move over her shoulder, His fingers run thru her hair that is hanging down between her shoulder blades, caressing the silky strands. Slowly pulling His cock out of her wet cunt till just the tip remains, wiggling around a bit teasing her, feeling her body strain against Him. He plunges all the way into her, grabbing a fistful of hair yanking back. Her head snaps back, collar tightening around her neck, shivering as He fills her greedy little cunt. He starts pistoning His hardness in and out of her, one hand pulling her hair the other pushing hard against the plug in her ass, intensifying the feeling of her bowels being stretched to bursting, listening to her whimpers and moans echo off the walls.

He turns her head sharply, ‘listen to me pet,’ as He stops moving inside her holding Himself firmly inside her pushing the plug in even deeper. she inhales deeply as His cock and the plug rub against each other.

‘You are Mine, don’t ever doubt that,’ she catches the devilish smile on His face from the corner of her eye. she feels Him withdraw His cock from her cunt almost completely, ‘this cunt is Mine, pet, to use or not use as I see fit.’ He thrusts forward harder this time going deeper than before eliciting a high pitched moan. ‘This ass is mine,’ He says as He tugs gently on the plug ‘I will use it as I see fit.’ Thrusting the plug back in her ass filled to capacity with the warm liquid. A groan catching in her throat, eyes rolling back as she feels so deliciously filled in her ass and cunt. A finger trails up her back, ‘and My pet,’ He reaches up slipping His finger in past the gag ‘this sluttly lil mouth of yours is Mine to fill with a gag or My cock, perhaps both it is Mine as the rest of your body is to use as I see fit.’ she tries to suck His finger her tongue wiggling against it, He removes it from her mouth quickly bringing His hand down on her already tender ass. ‘No pet, you will not take what i have not said you could have.’ she whimpers at the sharp sting. He begins to move faster now pummeling in and out of her cunt. Deep guttural sounds come from her as her orgasm nears, her breath short and shallow, she waits to hear the words…..she knows she must wait. she hears Him panting behind her as He takes her His movements becoming jerky, she feels Him swell inside her.

‘Now pet, cum for Me now.’ He grits out between clenched teeth as she feels Him explode inside her filling her cunt full of cum, spurt after spurt coating her insides. her eyes drifting shut, head hanging limply forward as waves of pleasure wash over her……her cunt spasming around His cock milking every last drop from Him. Gently, He lays her head back to the floor, collapsing on top of her, her eyes wide open yet not focusing on anything heart beating so hard feels like it’ll jump from her chest. His breathing raspy in her ear, T/they both lay there recovering from the intense orgasms. He reaches over undoing the two cuffs on her left side before reaching over and undoing the right ones. His hands move lightly, tenderly over her massaging her sore muscles. Reluctantly, He rises up off of her reaching down scooping her into His arms carrying her to the bathroom setting her down on feet. she wobbles a bit her legs still not fully recovered, He helps her sit.

‘you may remove the plug now, pet’ He tells her. she reaches around quickly removing the large plug wincing as she does, a look of relief quickly passes over her face as the liquid rushes out of her. He reaches over turning on the shower running warm water helping her up into the shower, climbing in behind her He holds her tight in His arms for a bit before reaching for the soap and running it gently over her body as she leans weakly against Him. He washes them both quickly turning the water off reaching for two large fluffy towels wrapping her up in one, and the other around His waist.

He dries her off rubbing the towel over her briskly, then taking her by the hand leads her out the other door into the bedroom. Tenderly, He kisses her on the top of her head as He tucks her into the large bed, before climbing in the other side Himself taking her back in His arms. she sighs contently, molding her body to His knowing she is safe within His arms as she drifts off to sleep He kisses her once more closes His eyes joining her in slumber.