Her body is aching for his touch. She can feel his hands on her, griping her, teasing her and removing her clothes until she’s naked and wet for him. But he’s not in the room with her, only the thought of him that feels so real as she has her eyes closed and realizes she’s playing with her pussy, wishing it was his hand between her legs instead of hers. She would do anything to be able to trace the head of his cock with her tongue, while she was on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her and she is made to look up at him while she does.

Just the thought causes her to leave a puddle on the carpet as she continues to kneel in this empty room and masturbate with the thought of her Master. She can’t stop, even though her breathing is hard and heavy and her pussy is sore and tender, she knows that if he was here, he wouldn’t stop and she can’t let him down.

So she goes beyond that pleasure point and finger fucks her tight cunt with the same intensity he would and right when she’s about to cum, she stops, leaving herself frustrated and wanting. She knows this will please him to see her like this.

She pushes stop on the video on her phone that’s she’s been recording and presses send.

He replies after a while with a devil emoji and only two words, Good Girl and it leaves her feeling at peace knowing she has pleased her Master.