As I drove into the street my mind went back to that night several years previously when we had spoken about her desires.

Janet had been a good friend for some time, always enjoying a laugh and a joke with me. A couple of years older than me, she had looked after herself particularly well, her looks belying her age. To be perfectly honest, I had been secretly lusting after her for some time!

It had been a particularly drunken night, and just for a bit of ‘shock value’ I had slipped some reference to my interest in bondage into the conversation. Expecting her to have a good laugh and change the subject rapidly, I was more than a little surprised to find that she opened up to me on her desires.

Her long time partner wasn’t particularly interested in sex, climb on, hump for a minute, cum, roll over and go to sleep seemed to be his style. Janet told me that she had secretly yearned to be tied up and be fucked, to be submissive to someone who knew how to use her for his enjoyment.

Somewhat shocked by this revelation (not being the response I had expected!) I jokingly told her that if she ever needed someone to use her in this way, she should give me a call. Janet flashed one of her wide smiles and promptly changed the subject. We chatted aimlessly for another hour before going our separate ways home.

I had moved away shortly after that for work reasons, but we had always kept in touch now and again. She had called me that night, but sounded a bit nervous.

“Hi, it’s Janet…” She spoke softly.

“Hi Janet, how are you?” I smiled.

“Oh, I’m…. fine…… I’ve just called to erm…. ask you….. errr…”

“You OK?” I asked “Is anything the matter?”

“No, nothing.. I just need to ask you something…… A favour…”

“Ok,” I replied, intrigued, “go ahead…”

“Errr….. can you… erm… remember that err… conversation we had?” she said “About… errr… bondage and stuff?”

“MMmm!” I replied grinning.

“Could you… erm… would you.. be err.. interested in erm.. helping out?”

“You want me to tie you up?” I exclaimed.

“Yes please….”

“And make you my slave??”

“Yes…….” she sighed.

“You will have to follow my orders, do things you maybe don’t want to do…”

“I realise that…” she whispered

“And be punished if you misbehave, or should I think you deserve it…”

There was a short silence on the other end of the phone.

“Yes, I understand…….”

“When and where?” I asked.

“Saturday….. my house…”

“OK” I replied “I’ll email you with some instructions, if I don’t hear back from you, I’ll take it that you want to go ahead with it and I’ll see you at 2pm Saturday.”

“Thank you” she sighed “see you then…”

All week, I had been unable to focus on anything but this Saturday. Now I was outside Janet’s house, and she was ready to submit to me. I had a feeling that this was going to be special.

I got out the car and grabbed my bag from the back seat. I walked down the drive and knocked at the door.

I could see movement behind the frosted glass in the door panel, and the door opened.

“Hi!” I smiled.

“Hi..” She smiled nervously back at me, let me enter and locked the door behind me.

Janet knelt down in front of me and looked up at me.

“Master.” She spoke softly… “My body is yours to do with as you please…”

I smiled and helped her back to her feet.

“Please..” I whispered “you will call me Sir, until such time that you have accepted me as your true master”

“When will that be… Sir?” she asked.

“Only you will be able to know that.. I trust that I will be an able teacher, and I will be able to make that moment clear in your mind”

I held her hands in mine and looked at her in the eyes.

“Thank you for choosing me” I smiled. “I hope that I can justify your faith in me by teaching you well..”

I pulled her close and hugged her. “You have the safe word should it get too much?” I whispered.

“Yes Sir, I have memorised it, but I will refrain from using it unless I feel danger” she whispered back “As you requested”

I stood back and looked her up and down. She had dressed as I had asked, a tight, sleeveless top, obviously wearing no bra!, a reasonably tight fitting skirt to her to just above her knees, black stockings and stiletto heels. As I requested, she had removed all her jewelry.

“Just perfect!” I grinned

“Thank you Sir,” she smiled back, “Now how would you like me to begin with?”

“Making me a cup of coffee!” I replied “It’s a long drive you know!”

Janet seemed disappointed that I hadn’t given her a kinky instruction, but walked over and put the kettle on anyway.

“I’ll put my bag upstairs!” I said.

I slowly climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom. As requested, the curtains were closed, there was a freshly laundered quilt cover on the quilt on the bed, and 2 small bottles on the table. Baby lotion and KY jelly. I was impressed!

I came back downstairs and back into the kitchen. Janet was standing, staring out of the window. I slowly walked up behind her, put my hands around in front of her and cupped her breasts. She moaned softly and moved her hands down the front of my trousers.

“Now Now!” I scolded. “Not unless you have permission!”

“I’m sorry Sir, I forgot…” she replied sheepishly.

“Any more of that & I’ll have to punish you!” I laughed.

The kettle boiled and she made two cups of coffee.

“Time for a little chat…” I said, “Lets go in the front..”

We walked into the sitting room and sat down.

“Now” I said “Once you leave the room and go upstairs, you will be my property, to do with as I see fit, I have a number of things planned, some will be very pleasurable, some will be a little humiliating, some will push you further than you can imagine and some will just hurt you.”

I gave her a moment to think about it.

“I will continue until I have finished my planned tests for you, or until you use the safe word, whichever is earlier. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head in agreement.

“Do you wish to start now?” I asked.

“Yes Sir”

“Good, now one more instruction… Unless I give you permission, you will avert your gaze from my face at ALL times.. Do you understand?”

Janet nodded again, and looked down at the floor.

“There’s a good girl” I smiled. “Now run along upstairs and position yourself at the foot of the bed, legs apart and hands on the knobs on the bottom of the bed please. I’ll be up in a minute.”

I sipped the last of my coffee as I heard her go up the stairs, open the door and position herself as requested.

Once again, I let her wait for a few minutes before following.

I walked into the bedroom, Janet was standing as I had indicated, staring intensely forward at the wall. Wandering around behind her, I gazed at the wonderful sight, her dress tight across her backside, the outline of her suspenders visible through the thin material, and her shapely legs, held apart for my inspection. I ran my hands over her butt.

“Very nice!” I whispered, “very nice indeed…”

I moved my hands down her thighs, and legs, paying attention to the back of her knees, calves and ankles. Opening my bag, I pulled out two leather cuffs and fastened one to each of her ankles, pulling each one tight before buckling it. Standing up again, I gently kissed both of her shoulders before attaching cuffs to her wrists as well.

Moving my attentions back to her ass, I unfastened her skirt, unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. As I had asked her, she wore no panties, the gentle softness of her cheeks were now exposed invitingly…

Standing back slightly, I ran my hands over them, gently probing between them, and lingering around her inner thighs.

“Is that nice?” I teased

“Mmm yes!” She purred wriggling her bum in an attempt to divert my touches to her pussy.

I moved my right hand away and brought it down on her cheeks with a loud slap.

Janet jumped in shock, and looked around as if to protest.

“Don’t look at me when I’m punishing you!” I shouted “You were trying to pleasure yourself, and that won’t do!”

She looked away again “Sorry Sir..” she muttered.

“I will be the one who decides how, and when you are pleasured! You belong to me now!”

Bringing my hand down another 3 times, I reminded her of her position now,

Moving away, I took my clothes off and folded them in a neat pile. Then I sat in the chair facing the bed.

“Turn around.” I instructed. “And crawl to me on your hands and knees!”

She did as I asked and came over to me.

“Now suck on this…” I commanded, pushing my cock ITO her face.

Janet took my cock into her mouth and began to suck, her cheeks hollowed as she greedily took me inside. God, she was fucking good at this! Working away like a little whore on my cock, she soon had me as hard as I had ever been. If there was a ‘Nobel cock sucking prize’, Janet would be the winner, so skillful she was.. This was heaven!

I opened my eyes after a couple of minutes and caught sight of her fingering herself as she sucked me. I jumped up.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing??” I demanded

“Sucking your cock, as you requested Sir..” She worriedly replied.

“Not while you finger yourself you’re not!” I stormed.

“Did I give you permission to finger yourself??”

“N N No Sir, But I thought.”

“But NOTHING!” I shouted, “You don’t think, you DO as you’re told, no questions, no hesitation!”

“I’m Sorry Sir…”

“Time for you to learn a lesson. Off with your top, and lie on the bed. NOW!”

Janet quickly removed her top and ran to the bed.

“Arms and legs outstretched!” I ordered, She complied immediately

I grabbed four pieces of webbing and attached one to each corner of the bed. Starting with her wrists, I passed the webbing through the rings on each cuff and roughly pulled her arms to the top corners of the bed. I moved to the bottom and pulled her legs apart before pulling them tightly to the bottom corners and fastening them there.

Wandering over to my bag again, I returned with a riding crop and held it to her face.

“Kiss this!” I said roughly.

She looked at the leather end of the crop in trepidation.

“KISS IT!” I demanded

She puckered her lips and kissed what she knew was going to give her so much pain.

“Can you count to ten?” I asked her.

“Yes Sir… Why?”

“No fucking questions!” I replied, annoyed.

I ran the crop over her small breasts, caressing her nipples, gently.

Raising the crop up, I brought it down on her left nipple. Her body convulsed at the assault on her, letting out a scream…

“Number?” I asked “One…” She panted “Good girl..” I brought the crop down on her right nipple “FUUCCCKKKK” she cried as the pain shot through her. “NUMBER?” I demanded “Two..” she was gasping in pain “Three…” she shouted, arching her body at the impact “Four…..” she screamed, not really knowing what she was counting anymore “Fucking hell!!” she screamed through clenched teeth as the crop came down again “NUMBER??” “F.. Five…” she gasped, wanting it to stop… “You have the safe word, my dear.. do you want to use it?” I teased.

Janet shook her head. I was very impressed!

Down came the crop again. “SIX!” she screamed “SEVEN!!” beads of perspiration ran down over her body… “OH GOD!!!! EIGHT!”… she knew it was nearly over… Pain seared through her again.. “NINE!!!” her body arched in response.

“One more my dear..” I taunted. “Would you like me to stop?”

She found herself shaking her head… The pain was intense, but she found herself actually wanting me to complete her punishment. She needed to endure it for me.

“Do you want me to finish your punishment?” I whispered

“Yes Sir…..” She whispered back. “Please finish it….”

I teased her red, swollen nipple with the end of the crop, before bringing it down one last time.

“Ten!!” She yelled, almost in triumph before a violent climax overcame her.

I stood and watched as she twisted and arched her back, gasping and panting as she enjoyed her first climax, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had been in so much pain just moments before.

Several minutes passed before her body recovered from her climax. She became aware of the ache from her nipples once again. Opening her eyes, she glanced down at her breasts and groaned at the sight of her nipples, erect, and looking very sore.

Moving around the the bottom of the bed, I stood between her outstretched legs and spoke.

“Did I give you permission to cum?”

Janet looked up an remembered the rules. She swallowed hard.

“No Sir….” She sighed despondently. “I did not have permission to cum…”

“You have disobeyed me again!” I exclaimed, “Technically, I should punish you again”

Her heart sank. She knew that being punished again, at this time, would be far more than she could take.

“I am truly sorry Sir…. I accepted the punishment, even begging you to complete it….. I couldn’t help myself….”

Looking into her eyes, I could tell that she was upset at not being able to contain her climax.

“OK then” I smiled,” Since it is your first time, and you took your punishment well, I will forgive you this once. But, it is something we will have to work on. You must learn that you must follow my instructions.”

“Thank you Sir, I was not prepared for the intensity of the experience. I will know what to expect next time, and hopefully control myself better.”

“You certainly will!” I laughed “There will be NO second chances!”

Untying her wrists and ankles, I instructed her to sit on the floor at the side of the bed, her back against the bed, and her legs open as far as she could. I took 2 lengths of rope and threaded them through the rings on her ankle cuffs, then passed them through the rings on her wrist cuffs, and pulled her arms forward towards her ankles, pulling her back away from the bed.

“Comfortable?” I asked.

“The backs of my legs are hurting, sitting like this…” she complained

“So?… ” I looked at her. “Are you complaining?”

“No Sir, it was just an observation…” She backed down, not wishing to suffer again so quickly.

“Good then!” I grinned, walking over to my bag.

“You’re really good at sucking cocks, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir” She replied, blushing slightly. “It’s one of my favourite things!”

“try this…” I smiled, holding a silver metallic coloured vibrator to her lips. “Show me how much you enjoy it…”

Janet gazed at the object at her lips and smiled. Puckering her lips, she began to kiss the end of it, then licking the end, long, slow motions with her tongue, caressing it lovingly, before opening her lips and taking it inside.

I watched in wonder as she worked on it, enjoying the sight of her enjoying every moment of having it in her mouth.

God, she was wonderful!!

I let her play for five minutes, imagining it was my cock in her mouth.

“That’s enough of that!” I said, pulling the vibrator from her mouth.

Janet looked at my cock, standing to attention before her.

“Did you enjoy that?” she laughed.

“SHUTUP!” I shouted… I felt myself blushing…. “Just who do you think is in charge here!!!”

“Sorry.. Sir” she chuckled….

“Legs still aching… are they?” I mocked.

“Humph! yes….” She sighed.

“Let’s see if we can fit this up here then..” I grinned, kneeling down between her legs. I held the vibrator up to her pussy lips and pushed.

She was so wet, it just slipped it. Janet moaned softly.

“Because you’re leaning forward..” I laughed, “That’s not going to slip out. it’s in there until I take it out!”

I picked up the remote control and turned it on.

Her body moved slightly as the vibrator sprang into life, the soft vibrations filling her pussy.

Standing between Janet’s outstretched legs, I held my cock to her lips. Just as she had demonstrated with the vibrator, she used her skilled lips and tongue on me, gradually teasing my cock into her warm mouth. Her lips closed around me, I could feel the sensation of her tongue moving all over my cock, occasionally, her teeth rubbed against me as she sucked and sucked.

I slowly began moving my hips, fucking her wonderful mouth deeper and deeper. I flicked the switch on the remote into it’s second position, just as I felt my cock on the back of her throat. Her nostrils flared as she felt this new intensity inside her and tried to breath deeper.

I was getting so close to cumming by this time, I grabbed handfuls of her hair and really started pushing my cock deep into her mouth. I flicked the switch to it’s last position. The vibrator started thrusting inside her, as well as vibrating noisily. I could feel her body tensing as she neared orgasm again.

“No fucking cumming ’til I say!” I tersely reminded her.

I presumed from the ‘grunt’ that Janet had heard!

On the brink now, I started to ease off, teasing her to hold out a long as possible. before pushing myself in harder and harder….

“NOW!” I yelled, as I emptied myself into her mouth. I could feel her body shuddering under her own climax as my cock pumped time and again into her.

I managed to turn off the vibrator, much to Janet’s relief, and slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth. I noticed a small dribble of cum running down her chin. Scooping it up with my finger, I pushed it into her mouth.

“Don’t want to waste any do you?” I smiled.

Janet looked at me as if to say ‘Please….. no more’

I untied her and helped her onto the bed, face down. After massaging the backs of her legs for a minute, to help her recover from her uncomfortable position, I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her.

“Enough for today, my little one..” I smiled. “You have endured enough for your first time.”

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and smiled.

“Thank you… Master”

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