We are a collection of pieces. Some of those influences are the enivorment in which we were raised, the people who raised us and those who we did not share blood with, but came into our lives and made an impact just the same.

They may have wore different titles, from friends to lovers and everything in between. But we can’t escape the fact that who we are has been influenced and shaped by others. We have free will, but we often use it to mimic something we’ve learned by someone else.

So as you take a look at yourself and the company that you keep, you’ll see a reflection of everyone you’ve ever been close to, within yourself and if you looked hard enough, you’d find a piece of you within them as well.

So no matter how things ended or whether they impacted you negatively or positivly, you took something from them and it helped you become something else. Be grateful for that growth and know that even someone we wished we hadn’t crossed paths with, taught us something about ourselves.

While you can’t change the initial impact they had, in due time, you can learn something from even the worst of people. Even if it’s a simply lesson of what not to do or the ability to heal and overcome a tramatic situation that teaches you the strength you didn’t know you had.

I’m not saying every piece is pleasant, but when they’re put together to form the imperfect puzzle of who you are, each piece is now a part of you. No one piece can define you, just learn from all those who have come and gone and those still with in your life in order to embrace all of you and know that if you strive to impact others positively, then you’re beautiful, even if you think every piece isn’t.