It had been the worst possible day for Luke. Everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. As he drove home, all he could think about was cracking a cold beer and watching television. He pulled up in front of the house and noticed all the blinds and curtains closed. He wondered if Lara must have been taking a short nap in the living room, something she often did when they’d stayed up too late the night before.

As he parked the car, he thought about Lara, her nearly black hair flowing onto her shoulders, her amber eyes looking up at him. Just thinking about her eased the tension he was feeling just a little. He knew on the other side of the door was home and relaxation, and Lara’s arms around him. Luke opened the front door to see Lara standing there waiting for him. She was wearing a sheer black robe, and he could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, just a hint that she had on little black panties to match her robe. Before he could say hello, her lips were on his. She pulled him tight against her as her kiss became more aggressive.

He wrapped his arms around her, sliding them down her back and grabbing her ass, she whimpered slightly between their kiss. She broke off their kiss and stepped back, taking his hand in hers. It was then that he looked up and realized Lara’s friend Kacey was sitting on the sofa. Kacey was wearing a pink sheer nighty; he could tell there was nothing under the nighty. Kasey’s black pubic hair showed through the sheer nighty, and Luke realized what was going on.

Lara guided him to stand in front of the sofa, as Kacey stood up and came to where they had stopped. Kacey kissed Lara, her hands slowly sliding up Lara’s stomach to her breasts, gently squeezing them. Lara stood almost motionless, and Luke knew that Kacey had been trying for months to get into Lara’s pants, and it looked as though it was finally going to happen. Just watching them caused Luke’s cock to harden.

Kacey let loose of Lara’s lips, and both girls began kissing him, taking turns with his lips as they unbuttoned his shirt, and then pulled his undershirt up over his head. They were giggling as they slid down to their knees, unhooking his belt and unbuttoning his pants, slipping them down over his hips. Lara slipped his boxers down and took his cock in her hand; she began stroking him as she ran her tongue around the head of his cock.

Her eyes trained on his, she slowly slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, gently sucking as she allowed his cock to go further into her mouth. As Lara was sucking his cock, Kacey began to lick and suck his balls, as she did so; she ran her hand down Lara’s neck, down her chest, and under her panties, gently pressing against Lara’s clit. Lara twitched at the pressure on her clit and moaned as she sucked Luke’s cock. Kacey slipped a finger into Lara’s wet pussy and then back out as Lara let Luke’s cock slide from her mouth and began sucking his balls and licking them. Kacey began sucking Luke’s cock while she was finger fucking Lara. Luke’s hands went to the girls’ hair, playing with it just a little as they sucked his cock and balls, moaning as he looked down watching them. He could just barely see that Kacey was fingering Lara, and it excited him like crazy.

“I want inside you,” he nearly growled as Lara looked up at him with a smile on her face.

“Not yet, my love, not yet,” she replied.

Lara switched with Kasey again and began sucking Luke’s cock harder, taking every bit of him into her mouth as Kasey started finger fucking Lara harder, adding a second finger, and then a third. Lara’s whole body was twitching while she was taking Luke’s cock deep into the back of her throat, nearly gagging herself as Kasey continued working her pussy.

Kasey stood up and grasped Lara’s hands, pulling her to her feet, and then pushing her back onto the sofa. Kasey dropped back to her knees in front of Lara, looking up at Luke and smiling. He knew precisely what Kasey wanted and walked the couple steps over and straddled the sofa so Lara could suck his cock while Kasey was doing what she’d wanted to for as long as Luke could remember.

As Kasey was on her knees, she spread Lara’s legs open to expose her tight wet pussy. Lara was a little embarrassed for a moment, but then relaxed and grasped Luke’s cock as Kasey started rubbing Lara’s clit again. Lara whimpered in pleasure at the pressure of Kasey’s fingers rubbing her clit. Her hips began moving in rhythm with Kasey’s fingers, and before Lara knew it, Kasey buried three fingers hard into Lara’s pussy. Lara gasped and sucked Luke’s cock harder, her hand stroking him as she sucked.

Luke looked down at Lara, her eyes on his with a fire in them that told him this was for him, for his pleasure. Kasey began licking Lara’s clit as she finger fucked her, her fingers buried deep inside Lara; she sucked Lara’s clit into her mouth, rolling her hard little nub between her teeth. Lara whimpered and moaned in pleasure, never having had a woman orally please her before.

Luke couldn’t take much more of this, so he moved away and went to his knees in front of Lara also. Luke and Kasey took turns finger fucking Lara until she came. Lara’s body writhed in pleasure at the magnitude of the orgasm.

“Holy, wow,” she whimpered.

Kasey giggled, “Yeah, told you so.”

Kasey stood up and went to sit on the sofa next to Lara as Luke slowly began licking Lara’s clit again. He pressed his fingers against her pussy but didn’t slide them in. He looked up at her while his tongue was on her clit. She rose her hips up as if begging him to slip his fingers back into her. He almost giggled as he sat up and moved close to her, slowly sliding his cock into her. She groaned in pleasure at the feeling of him pressing deep into her.

Kasey leaned down and kissed Lara again before leaning down further and sucking on Lara’s nipples, one then the other as her hand slid between Lara and Luke and rubbed on Lara’s clit. Luke started slow, gently pushing his cock into Lara, but began thrusting harder and harder. Her body was shaking in a combination of pleasure and pain as his cock bottomed out with every thrust. She pushed back into him, her hips slamming into his, causing his cock to go deeper.

Her whimpers became squeaks as he felt her pussy tighten around his throbbing hard cock and felt her juices explode on him. As her breathing slowed, he slowed his movements, pulling back just a little, letting her regain her breath. As he leaned back, he allowed his cock to slip from her. Before Lara knew it, Kasey was on the ground next to Luke, sucking his cock. Lara watched for a moment, finding herself so turned on, she reached down and started rubbing her clit, slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy and reaching her fingers further down and fingering her ass just a little.

Luke looked up at Lara as if asking her permission to fuck her friend. Lara smiled and nodded, and before Kasey knew it, she was flat on her back, legs over his shoulders and his cock buried inside her wanting pussy. Lara continued rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers into her pussy, as she got her fingers good and wet, she slipped one, then two into her ass, whimpering at how good her own fingers felt.

Kasey moaned in pleasure, feeling Luke’s cock deep inside her, watching Lara pleasure herself. It didn’t take long before Kasey’s pussy was exploding all over Luke’s cock, her nails digging into the back of his neck as she did. Luke slowed as Kasey came, letting her catch her breath, her juices covering his cock. He looked over at Lara and watched her pumping her fingers in and out of her ass and his mouth watered thinking of having his cock buried in her ass.

He looked down at Kasey and smiled, she grinned back at him, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking and had ideas of her own. They both stood and moved to sit on the sofa; he reached over and pulled Lara on top of him, turning her around to face Kasey instead of him. Before she knew it, his hard rock cock forced its way into her tight ass. She nearly screamed out as the combination of pleasure and pain overtook her. He leaned her back, so her back was against his chest and started pounding her tight ass. Kasey moved to between their legs and started licking Lara’s clit while Luke was plowing her ass.

Lara reached down and grasped Kasey’s hair as Kasey slipped one finger, then another into Lara’s pussy. Luke groaned in pleasure, feeling her ass tighten as Kasey began finger fucking Lara’s pussy. Kasey kept working Lara’s pussy, two fingers, then 3, then 4.

“Do it, Kasey, stretch her pussy tight around your hand,” Luke demanded.

“Hell, yes,” was Kasey’s reply.

Kasey worked Lara’s pussy stretching it, finger fucking it while licking her clit. Luke reached down and grabbed Lara’s legs, pulling them up higher, exposing her better to Kasey. Kasey worked Lara’s pussy, getting almost her entire hand in, her fingers buried in Lara’s pussy to the knuckles; Lara came, over and over. Lara’s entire body was writhing. Luke was close to coming; Lara could feel his cock hardening in her tight ass, so she pulled away just a little, trying to slow him.

As he loosened his grip on her, she leaned forward and pulled away from him. She stood up and moved to sit next to him as Kasey stood up and climbed on top of him, sliding his cock into her tight ass. She started riding him, slowly at first, allowing him only in her just a little bit, then lowering herself further onto his throbbing cock until he was buried deep inside her. She rose and lowered herself over and over, riding his cock hard and deep. His hands on her hips, pulling her to grind into his hips as his hips rose to meet her. Their bodies were moving in rhythm as their moans became louder.