Primal Need

There is something primal almost animalistic about fucking a woman from behind. Maybe it’s the submissive nature of her on all fours exposed and willing. But it does incite a certain lust within me that sometimes cannot be tamed.

I don’t want to kneel there quietly and gently and enter her politely. No. I’m not interested in softly holding her hips and gently moving mine in unison. No taking a woman from behind requires a certain claiming. You need to fuck her like you mean it.

You need to engulf her with yourself. Hold her tightly, press her against you, squeeze her, connect with her. Bite her, press your hand across her neck, whisper to her, consume her.

Feel her, really feel her, engage with her. Dominate her, dominate her with your body, with your hands, with your words, with your cock. Dominate her with purpose and passion. If you are going to fuck a woman from behind you need to take her.