Have you ever heard anything about primal play, predators and prey? Is your curiosity aroused but you don’t know exactly what it means? Here’s what you need to know about primal predator.

Primal predator? What is that?

A primal predator is a person who loves animal sex . He or she should make an effort to get his partner (prey). This is often reflected in a role play.

“I like to play a wolf during sex. I want to overpower my prey and play with it. I want to bite, scratch and hold him / her while a few growls come out of my throat. I throw my principles and cleanliness overboard and prefer to go for the rough side of sex. ”

This could just come from the mouth of a primal predator. A primal predator is all about conquest, physical overpower and playing with the prey . The sex is more intense because there is no slowing down. A primal predator is an animal role that is part of a game. This game is called primal play.

What is primal play?

Primal stands for animal, animal and primary in the (sexual) relationship. It is part of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism). A primal is someone who likes primal play. Primal play is a sexual role play in which the participants behave in an animalistic way . It can look like a fight in which the stronger (predator) suppresses the weaker (prey / prey). Sometimes the game is more playful and other times it can be very dirty or painful. The game can also be very soft and almost non-sexual or very sexual.

Primals just do what their instinct says at the time. They can bite, scratch, grip hard or spank. Due to this roughness, accidents can also happen. So always keep a towel, baby wipes and alcohol handy. Incidentally, the bedroom is not a popular place for primal play. Primal people prefer to do it outdoors in nature or at least in a place with natural conditions.

Primal play is usually divided into two roles :

  • Primal predator: a primal that hunts to catch prey
  • Primal prey: a primal hunted by a predator

For most people who are primal, it is not a fetish but a lifestyle. There is no special object or behavior to define a primal. Being sexually primal means that you let go of the animal in yourself when you are sexually aroused or during sex. The normal limitations of civilized behavior are draining and one can finally see the animal that lurks deep inside. Primals often identify with one or more animals . Some are fox or gorilla while others are more likely to identify with a ferret or sea animal. Others feel more like a caveman. It varies widely per person.


In primal play there are less toys and instruments such as whips and buoys. In fact, they are primitive. They are more of a hard grasp, claws, grabbing hair, scratching the nails or biting. Primal play doesn’t necessarily mean ‘rough’; it is more a matter of raw and unfiltered. That is because a game is not recorded in advance. They just let it happen and this allows the game to take all kinds of forms.

Who is this role intended for?

The role of primal predator can be played by either a man or a woman. A primal predator may want to play with a prey or devour its prey. The predator does not make appointments and is ready to overpower his prey at any time. The hunger and lust of a primal predator can sometimes be impenetrable. A prey knows that he is wanted and desired. Still, there can be a struggle between predator and prey . At some point the prey has to surrender because the predator is always the strongest. That is ultimately what the prey wants, but it does not want to surrender without a fight. And as soon as the prey surrenders, the fun begins.

The primal predator wants to play with his delicious treat. He or she can bite or scratch his prey in several places. But because a predator is about lust, he or she usually does not bite or scratch so hard that the prey starts to bleed, but just enough to show his masochistic side . Furthermore, all kinds of other sexual acts take place.

Primal play and BDSM

Primal play is in principle part of BDSM, but does not follow all of its ‘rules’. For example, an original BDSM scene discusses in advance how the game will be played and who will play which role. It’s kind of planned. In primal play, the game is less predetermined and can therefore take different turns . For example, there is talk about stop word and limits, but not so extensive in an original BDSM game.

Power relationship

In primal play there are roles (predator and prey) and power relations. In principle, the predator has the most power and is the strongest animal in the game. The prey (prey) is the weaker of the bunch. This does not necessarily mean that the predator is the dominant and that the prey is the submissive. However, this is usually the case, but it can also be the other way around.

Primal play and safety

Primal play often contains elements of ‘rough body play’ and ‘fear play’. The roughness of the game can pose dangers. It is important to know that raw and unfiltered emotions and actions through loss of self-control can lead to increased safety risks, both emotional and physical. Because of these risks, some people find that primal play falls under edge play. A primal predator may let himself go during the game, the animal in him or her may come out, but the prey must always be treated with respect and safety . That is something that should not be forgotten.