Welcome to the world of bondage, submission, control, and pleasure. Your decision to consider the ownership of a beautiful young submissive brings you one step closer to understanding the satisfaction and enjoyment that a pet or servant can bring. There may be some doubts or questions that trouble you in your interest in a young slut to serve you. This guide will dispel your doubts and help you realize whether a submissive is right for you. Please remember this is not a contract, merely a guideline as the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive is a very fluid concept. As far as the terms of consent and safety go, the sky is always the limit for the relationship between a Master and slave, with very few fixed rules. The key is to be flexible, creative, and to enjoy the lifestyle as well as each other.

I. Acts of Ownership. The first aspect of ownership is by far the most important. It is the consent to be owned, and the Will to Own. It may sound obvious, but servitude begins as an idea and is indeed a highly mental lifestyle/activity. The first and most important responsibility of a valid owner is to make the ownership known. This could take place as the verbalization, i.e., “I own you,” “you are mine,” “Come here, slut.” Or any other verbalizations that get the point across that the subordinate is under control of the Master. With a creative mind, this will not become a tedious activity, as verbalization is not the only way to make a slave feel like she is owned. Marking is also a highly erotic act of ownership that will keep a pet in line and content. Bruises from biting, cutting, or even a magic marker act as the tools to ensure the slut feels she belongs. The mark acts as a brand, and also, if only she can see the action of ownership, it is a mental awareness for her state. In public, proprietary touching, eye contact, and body language can work just as actively to keep silent control over a pet. You can save the violent, sexual, and painful training for private, and still fill your servant with the satisfying glow of being owned without drawing attention in public. If a servant is not feeling adequately chastised, she is likely to act out without the proper restrictions. Her need to feel controlled will propel her to take actions that will cause slightly more violent repercussions. It is best to act with rational discipline and make quiet, though distinct demands of your sub while in public

II. Pushing boundaries. The second guideline to leading a productive life with a submissive is the aspect of pushing limits while keeping trust intact. This is crucial to maintaining a safe, though stimulating relationship. Safewords, I find, are for Dom/sub combos which do not share a specific wavelength, and are certainly the last resort. A healthy, communicative relationship between a master and submissive will create an ability for the Master to sense when the sub is pushed too far.

The Dominant must know the slut’s limits better than even the pet herself so that those limits can be stretched without the pet being broken. That means checking breathing, the body’s limits, the pain limits, and how limber the slut is. Paying close attention to the slave will reward the Master with a very intimate view of what they control, and how to best use what they own without causing harm to the slave. By continually stretching limits, the Master and slave can both feel proud of what the slave can accept and how far the Master can push.

By not pushing or stretching the slut, a relationship can become unfulfilling and seem stagnant. While you, the Master, may enjoy the slave for her charm, her sex appeal, and your desire to control, she looks to you as a guide, as a lover, and as a father figure who would know best for her. She expects you to punish her when she is wrong, be strong for her, and forceful in your desires. Your slave will want to please you in every way, no task too small…So making the most minuscule demands will become commonplace as you ask her to tie your shoes, or wear that particular dress you like. Her fantasy is to adore you, belong to you, and please you in every way. What does she get out of it? The feeling of belonging, of purpose, of being part of something bigger than herself, the pleasure of being selfless, and making her Master happy and proud. Praise is like candy to slut, and chastising your slave will have her thanking you for teaching her how better to serve.

III. Monogamy. You will be wondering by now if your slut will expect you to be 100% monogamous, and whether it is worth the trouble. In my experience, there is often love that goes with the need to serve. If there is a submissive that wants you as her very own Master, she has chosen you with a worthy cause. She loves you, trusts you, finds you attractive and sane. You are everything she would want in a boyfriend or husband; only she wants this separate form of relationship.

This does not tie you two solely together as the only relationships in your lives or forbid you or her from forming other relationships. However, both your subordinates and you will be expected to be important in each other’s everyday lives. She may choose to date other people, but will see you above others, as a man among boys, and will see herself in higher form than any girls her Master may entertain. With the proper attention and care, your slave will not mind your discreet pursuit of others, and will not act with jealousy or withdraw. It is only when a submissive is ignored or mistreated that a Master’s advances towards other girls, submissive or vanilla, become harrowing. A slave should be confident of her place in her Master’s life, and if she is sure of herself and where she belongs as her Owner’s property, she will be content.

IV. Communication. The individuals who believe that the BDSM is solely concerning the Master and that slaves need not be communicated with give the lifestyle/scene a bad name. Communication is the first step towards trust, eroticism, and striking a balance between what a slave and master desire. Talking means safety, as a slave’s limits will not be crossed if it is spoken beforehand. Also, a Master’s whims cannot be fully anticipated, and stating desires will give a slut a perfect understanding of what’s expected of her. Without communication, all other aspects of this guide are void, as Owner and pet must be both on the same page understanding the precious bond between them.