However, mastubering has become a permanent habit for more and more people today. By imposing a masturbation ban on your sub, you have full control over his or her genitals and orgasm. Anyone who thinks that stopping masturbating for a few days is an easy task is really wrong. Instructing your sub not to masturbate for a period can be a welcome addition to your role play and is the ultimate form of power.

What is the ban on masturbation?

With a masturbation ban, you have full control over your sub’s gender and masturbation behavior. The longer the ban applies, the more difficult your submissive will have it. The coming period will be dominated by the ban on masturbation: a two-week period in which you prohibit your sub for one or more days from getting your hands on yourself. Why and how you can do that we explain below!

Why a ban?

Stopping mastubation is not nearly as easy as you might think. There are plenty of people who have to deal with serious ‘withdrawal symptoms’. Sex and porn dominate our lives and at the same time can also remove the necessary tension in the bedroom. Because porn has become so accessible, it is very easy to quickly meet that need. Taking away someone’s habit or even addiction creates a lot of frustration and increases the desire for an orgasm . A win-win situation, right?

For men, masturbation causes their testosterone levels in the blood to decrease. As a result, they may have to deal with a lesser sex drive and complaints such as listlessness. In addition, being too busy with yourself can make you forget what it is like to please someone else. And having a good time is one of the most important tasks of your sub right? A masturbation ban (and not just these two weeks) can definitely contribute to more experience and passion during the role play and in your sub / dom relationship. Join the challenge and find out for yourself!


  1. Give your sub for one or more days – you are free to do this – the order not to masturbate. Before the challenge, think of an appropriate punishment together if you fail. Below we have devised some tips and advice for you to make the masturbation ban successful and as exciting as possible!
  2. As much as you’d like it, you can’t check your sub all the time, of course. For example, to make sure that your sub abstains from sexual activities for a set period of time, let him or her wear a chastity belt or penis cage. You manage the key and thus have full control over the sex of your sub and therefore also his masturbation behavior. This way you can be sure that there is no masturbation! Before the challenge, think of an appropriate punishment together if you fail.
  3. Make it even more difficult for your sub by teasing with naughty messages. For example, outline your plans for your next role-playing game or explore a long-held fantasy. Do you want to drive him or her crazy? Then tell them that you are masturbating!
  4. Not using a chastity belt to influence your sub’s masturbation behavior? Then subject him or her to a strict hearing. A flogger or a whip are the perfect tools to reveal the truth.
  5. Isn’t one day of masturbation a problem for your submissive? Then let your sub decide for yourself with a die – two is allowed of course – how many days he may not masturbate. So he really owes his punishment entirely to himself.
  6. The next time you are together again, it might be a nice addition to not immediately admit all his tension. Have your sub wait a little longer and let him or her please you first. Set a time when he / she can masturbate and make sure there is a clock in the room. This way you build up the tension for a while!