5 Proven Techniques to Excite Your Woman

I believe a man needs totally ravish her-tear off her top, force her to her knees, take advantage of her in every manner. The only sex worth having is making her beg for it, fuck her hard and deep, smack her ass, making her moan, and scream My name!

Women love to be dominated by a man in bed. One technique you can use to excite your partner beyond her wildest dreams is manhandling. By giving her a little pain by physical stimulation, you will be able to maximize her psychological stimulation by making use of manhandling. One thing you can do is when your girl is standing by a door is to slam her back into it. The force of the blow will be distributed through her back, meaning that she will not feel much pain. As the door will slam shut and make a loud notice, it will excite her even further due to the dominant element.

Another Use Your Voice! Get demanding. Tell her what to do. Instruct her. Get loud. Talk dirty. And do not hold back, making noise. Your vocalizations will turn up the mood. Certain sexual positions naturally lend themselves to rough sex because one of you is dominant and the dominant one is leading the dance that is rough sex, so be the one on top, standing while she’s not, or directing the positions and calling the shots because that is, indeed, what sex is really about.

Another Great Way Is to Rip Her Clothes Off. If she wears old panties, you can put your hand into it and twist it around to rip it with more ease. Then hold her down with one hand as you rip her panties off with the other. Make sure you will pull hard and sideward so that the force of the rip will go into her hip, instead of any sensitive area. Like slamming her back into a door, this is very dominant.

Another Awesome Way to Convey More Dominance Is by Pulling Her Hair. In order to use this, you need to grab her hair as closest to the roots as possible and pull her head in whatever direction you want. When performed well, women will love this sensation. This is great when you are standing behind her sucking her neck. You can also do this to make her look you in the eyes when having sex, which will add more emotion to your lovemaking as well.

Finally, A Good Way to Manhandle Your Girl Is by Spanking Her. If you two start to play wrestle, you can put her over your knee, bring her pants down and spank her hard. As this part of the body has a lot of muscles and fat, it can take quite a punishment before it hurts too much. You can spank her any time her ass is exposed.

These are just a couple of examples. Use your creativity, and your woman will quickly love how dominant you have become.