With my voice in a whisper, I let you squirm, “I’m going to tell you what we do to bad girls. We start by tying them to the bed. We blindfold them, so they do not see what is coming.

When you have had time to think about what you have done, I will punish you. You shall not speak during your punishment.

Your punishment will start with a feather. I will run that feather over your entire body. From your toes and feet. Up your calves and between your thighs. To your stomach and teasing your breasts. Down each arm and back up to your neck. Around your ears and face.

When the feather is complete, I will touch you, with my hands, all over. I will touch your face and arms lightly. My fingers will trace your stomach and outer thighs. I will tease your calves and feet, paying extra attention to each toe. I will return to your breasts.

Each nipple will be caressed until they are flush. Then they will be teased and pinched until they are hard. When they are hard, they will be twisted and pulled until they are tender. I will flick and slap them until they ache. When they ache, I will put clamps on them to remind you they are mine. Mine to flick, slap, twist, pull, pinch, tease and caress whenever I want. And I want, often.

Following your nipples, my hands will find your vagina. They will slide into your wetness and up and down your slit. Gently and slowly, at first. Being careful not to let you cum, as aroused as you already will be. I will tease and touch your clit. You are working up to a faster pace of fingering. When one finger is not enough, I will give you a second. When two are inadequate, I will provide you with a third — three fingers and my thumb on your clit. When you start to tremble, and one hand is not enough, I will provide you with my second. Gentleness will be replaced by urgency. My fingers on your g-spot are pulling you upwards, almost lifting you off the bed. My other hand is pressing firmly on your pelvis and clit, pushing downwards. When you start to thrash and beg me to stop, I will pin down your legs with mine. Orgasm after orgasm of pleasure rippling through you. Each more intense and furious than the last. When I’m done, I will let you recover.

I will explore your ass. Your sweet virgin ass will be mine. Your eyes often beg me to take it. You hate me for prolonging the desire. I start at your asshole, my finger tracing its outline. Using your juices, I enter you, slowly pressing my finger in. When I am fully in, I slide out. Slowly. Working up to a second finger and working up to a faster speed. While I explore your hole, I caress your cheeks. I part them for a better view. I enjoy watching your ass swallow my fingers. When you are ready, I will insert your plug. With the blindfold on you hope it is my cock as it enters you. But I am not that kind to bad girls.

With the plug firmly in place, I will grope and squeeze your cheeks. Kneading them between my hands, my gropes turn to slaps, and into a full spanking. Bad girls deserve no less.

Next, your punishment will progress to my mouth and tongue. Again, they will explore you all over. Each toe will be savored, your ankles and calves kissed. I will spend extra time in that spot in the back of your knee, where your leg folds. I will slowly, intentionally move upwards, skipping your pussy and settling in your belly button. My tongue will explore tender kisses and licks on your stomach. The line between your breasts to your neck where I will bite and suck on you. Your ears as well will be eaten, kissed, and sucked on.

I will kiss you. Gently at first, our tongues will wrestle in each other’s mouth. Your face will be flush from your recent pleasures, and the tears may already be drying from your past pains. I will taste your lips as well as your tears.

I will tease your nipples with my mouth and tongue. I will be careful not to let the clamps on your nipples release unless my teeth are replacing them. Even then, I will return the braces when I am done biting you.

I will lick your clit. The redness of your lips still fresh from my hands, and the nub still hard from my recent manipulations. I will engulf your pussy lips, both outer and inner, and taste you. My tongue will explore your pussy hole. Your sweet juices will flow again, and I will drink them up. I will beckon your moisture with my tongue until my thirst for you is quenched. I will make you cum. And again. I will make you cum until you can no longer stand my face between your legs. The roughness of my unshaven face will hurt. Your skin will be red from pleasure or the thousands of miniature needles of beard.

Next, I will untie you briefly. Only to bring your head to the edge of the bed. I will give you my cock. Do not try to lick it. Do not try to kiss it. Do not try to suck it. For in this position, I will fuck your face. There will be no tenderness. I will not let you feel loved. I will be using you. When my cock is entirely down your throat, and you are gagging, needing it out, I will choke you. My hand will feel my cock as it slides in and out of your throat. My balls will slap your forehead, your nose, your face until your eyes tear. I will not grace you with my cum.

When I have had enough of your mouth and throat, I will retire you to the bed. I will use your pussy next. My hands will choke you, or flick your nipples, or pull on your clamps. I will fuck you. It will be violent and hard. I will make you hurt. Your tight little pussy will be stretched. When I want, I will flip you, so your face is down. I will continue to fuck your pussy. I will push your head and face into the mattress. I will pull your hair. I will slap your ass. I will use your plug against you. I will twist it, and I will remove it and press it back in. I will thrust my cock in you.

When I am ready, I will cum on you. Maybe your pussy, maybe your face. Maybe between your tits. Maybe on your ass. I will not cum where you want me to. I will cum where I want to. Where it pleases me and when I am done with you. And that.. that is what we do to bad girls.”

I stand from lying next to you and gaze upon you. My eyes trace your body.

“I can tell from your lip-biting that you enjoy this thought. I can tell from the wetness in your panties. I can tell from the hardness of your nipples, poking through your camisole, and your hands wringing in those ropes. I can tell from the way you moved your head, I can tell from the way you fidgeted as I was telling you how I treat bad girls..”

I paused; the tension rose. My final comment as I walked towards the door.

“I can tell you this is what you will get.. when you are not a bad girl.”