How about having realistic expectations

The Women on internet/dating sites are so fake. Another one said she wanted play and was submissive, but when we met she changed her mind. Fucking bitch.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a variation of that throughout the years. People can change their minds and you shouldn’t expect or feel entitled to anything before you’ve even met someone, because an online connection doesn’t necessarily equate to an in-person connection.

Maybe she was turned off by your Charles Manson eyes.

Maybe she didn’t like the fact you only posted only pictures of the ten-year challenge before shots and not the current ones.

Maybe when you told her you were primal that she didn’t realize that when you speak you do so by simply grunting.

There are lots of reasons someone might not want to trust you with their body and well being and you shouldn’t make them feel bad for simply exercising their right to say no. How about having realistic expectations and not simply thinking you’re entitled to play or sex because someone is willing to meet you.

Kinky relationships take time to develop and you shouldn’t expect anything until you’ve met and have consented to play and negotiated what you need out of a scene and your soft and hard limits.

To assume someone is going to be naked and kneeling for you only minutes after meeting you is not just delusional, but a dangerous mindset to have.