Respect is a luxury some can’t afford……
Watch and wait
for a while
and you will clearly see
the narcissists
in all their glory
like peacocks strutting in a zoo.

They spring to life
like rabid dogs
foaming at the mouth
with envy
when others succeed
or become popular.

Like vultures circling
always watching, always waiting
ready to pounce and ridicule
so quick to congratulate each other
to stroke each others egos
and claim a scalp
should someone stumble or fall.

You will recognise them quickly
always negative, always nasty
full of vitriol
consumed by hatred
of anything or anyone
that they don’t understand
or are unable to accept.

Respect of self
or respect of others
is a luxury
that the
unethical and
morally bankrupt
will never be able to afford.

Other people’s
feelings and humility
should never be
the battleground
or final resting place
for our own selfish vanity
or fragile inflated egos…..