Respect is gratitude. Respect is empathy. Respect is acknowledgment. Respect is a strong emotional/intellectual connection to another person(s), based on their ability to communicate, by words & actions, consistent with a set of shared values.

People have created positions that “command” respect “(e.g., Kings, Presidents, CEO’s, etc.). Although followers are taught to demonstrate “respect” by performing many formal procedures, real respect must always be earned the old fashion way, i.e., by words & actions. It’s what you say under your breath that will determine how far you will go to support the person you are “respecting.”

Once earned, people work harder & smarter when they believe in something/someone they respect.

If you command respect, you must continuously watch to make sure people do what you want them to do.

If you earn respect, you must continuously watch to make sure that people have the tools they need to optimize your shared goals & objectives.