This seduction is for you. You are the woman I desire most. You are the woman I have longed to touch for so long. Every time I see you, I want to be near you. I hear your voice and I melt from the inside out. When I see your smile, I know I will have a good day. I just need to close my eyes and the vision of your angelic face reminds me of the good things in this world. You are so beautiful. Your hair flows like fields of wheat blowing in the wind. Your body… I have memorized every curve of your gorgeous body. I don’t dare let you catch me stealing glances though. What if you don’t want me?

Me, I am the man you secretly desire. I am any man you want me to be. I could be your boss… or your employee… I might be the guy who cuts your parent’s lawn without my shirt on… or I could be your husband’s best friend… maybe I’m the UPS guy from the office… or that sexy man in the commercial… your hot father-in-law… that single soccer dad whose son plays with yours… or maybe I’m already your man, the one you love.

Close your eyes for just one moment, and imagine the man you want most right now. Imagine the man you wish would seduce you. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine…

I am that man.

You are sitting at your computer now, in a chair with no arms and a low back. The lights are off in your favorite, most cozy room. You have lit the candle next to your computer. Imagine the scent you love most. You have your favorite drink next to your computer as well. Your favorite sexy mood music is playing, turned down low. You are wearing only your softest silk slip and panties. You love how the silk feels against your breasts. It arouses you. You close your eyes again and imagine that I am behind you, the man you desire most…

You feel my soft hands on your shoulders. I begin to massage you. You close your eyes. I am working out all the stresses you keep in your neck. You feel the strength in my fingertips, my thumbs. My massage causes your slip to gently glide up and down over your nipples. They are getting hard. You love how that feels. You reach both arms behind you and grip my jeans behind my knees. That pushes your breasts forward. You wish my hands would slide down and massage them. You lay your head back against my stomach. You can tell that I am not wearing a shirt. You feel the desire I have for you, the heat that comes from my fingertips and runs straight through your body…and stops inside your pussy. You let out a quiet moan. You are getting wet.

Your moan is the sexiest sound I have ever heard. It’s as if you were exhaling pure desire. I am hard now. I love the way your breasts are pushed forward, the way your slip moves up and down over your hard nipples. I want to touch your nipples… see them… taste them… but not yet.

This massage is wonderful. You love the anticipation of what I will do next, but you also wish I would just take you, throw you down, and have my way with you. You feel my hardness through my pants, against the back of your head. Suddenly, you feel me pull away and you lose grip on my jeans. You realize that I am now on my knees, still behind you. You feel my warm breath on the nape of your neck. You tilt your head. My lips graze your skin. A shiver runs down your spine. Your nipples have actually gotten harder. They are aching to be touched.

I love the smell of you. Your skin is so soft. I give you small kisses on your neck, light touches with my lips actually. Your hair falls against my face like goose down. I bring my hands up to the sides of your arms, gently caressing them, up and down with my fingertips. I notice your body give a quick shiver. Your hips begin to squirm in your seat.

My warm breath on your neck is driving you crazy. Occasionally, you feel the tip of my tongue touch your skin as I slowly begin to devour both sides of your neck. Then, without warning, I nibble on your earlobe. You want me so bad right now.

I reach up and pull your slip straps off your shoulders, but your slip doesn’t fall. As I stand up, I see that your slip is resting just above your nipples. The swell of your breasts is fantastic. I can see a hint of areola peeking out. I am so hard for you right now. I let my pants drop and step out of them… no underwear.

Your hands are rubbing the tops of your thighs. You can feel your pussy dripping into your panties. You have never been this wet. Your eyes are still closed. You feel me rub your nipples over the top of your slip with just my fingertips. I’m pinching them now, rolling them between my fingers. You’ve just realized… my hard cock is now resting on your shoulder. You reach up with one hand and take hold of my cock. It’s throbbing. You are squeezing it… stroking it… pulling it. You feel my precum dripping. You want my cock inside of you… right now.

I love the way you are touching my cock. I would be content to cum right now, but no, not yet. I am not done seducing you. I slide my hands under your slip and begin to massage your breasts. You take in a deep breath… and hold it for a moment. Your nipples are hot.

Your hips are squirming with more urgency now. Your panties are completely soaked. Your heart is beating fast. You let go of my cock and put your hands on mine as I make love to your breasts with my hands.

I drop back to my knees, my hard cock bobbing up and down. I pull my hands off your breasts and lift your slip over your head. I place your hands and one of mine on your breasts. My other hand is now rubbing your pussy on the outside of your soaked panties while my mouth is devouring your neck again. You throw your head back and reach behind my head with one arm. Your moaning is constant now. Your heavy breathing has caused sweat beads to form on your body. You want more. You want my fingers inside of your pussy.

While still behind you, with both hands I rip your soaked panties off your pussy. You take in another deep breath and let it out just as quickly. You have one hand behind my head and one hand rubbing your breasts, pinching your own nipples. You spread your legs, inviting me to touch you. But I touch all around your pussy… teasing you. I’m nibbling your earlobe, biting your neck gently but with passion. You grow impatient and tell me to touch you. Slowly, my hands slide up your inner thighs and get closer…

With one finger, I trace your wet, swollen pussy lips. I find your engorged clit and begin to rub it… up… down… tiny circles… down your dripping lips again… and back up to your clit. My finger is covered with your pussy juice. Your seat is drenched. I have never been more turned on in my life. I have never wanted anyone more than I want you right now. My dick is dripping on the floor. My balls are ready to explode. I want to fuck you so bad.

I stand and pull you up with me. I push your chair to the side and pull you back to me. You reach behind and grab my ass. I am kissing your neck… licking… sucking… biting. My hand is rubbing your pussy while my other hand is exploring the front of your body. First, I slip one finger in… then another… in… out…around… in… out… faster… rubbing your g-spot… my palm pushing against your clit. You feel my throbbing cock between your legs. You pussy juice is dripping down the insides of your thighs and onto my cock. We can both sense it… that moment when two people know they are about to fuck…

In the background we can hear “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye…

You reach down with one hand and pull my fingers out of your pussy. With your other hand you reach between your thighs and grab hold of my dick. You lean over, supporting yourself on your desk. My hands grab onto your hips. You stroke my cock while spreading your juices all over it and my balls. You have calmed down somewhat as if you were now in control. You hear me let out a low moan. You begin to rub the head of my cock against your pussy. I gently move back and forth while you push my cock between your pussy lips. Then, in one movement, you guide me into your pussy and I slide my throbbing cock into you as far as I can go… then I hold it there… my hands gripping your waist.

With my dick deep inside of you, I begin to roll my hips. The sounds you make tell me to keep moving that way… slowly. You’ve waited so long for this. You hope that it will last forever. I squeeze your hips and pull your ass back against me. I dip my hips and push up even deeper inside of you. You are still rubbing my balls with your fingers. We are fucking now.

All at once, we each sense the connection… the feeling of two coming together as one… sharing a moment that freezes time… total and complete ecstasy. Our chemistry is intoxicating. The timing in which our bodies move together is perfection.

I am now pulling out… sliding in… out… in… slowly… deep… out… in… faster now… moving together in rhythm… harder… my body smacking against your ass… faster… both your hands on the desk now… it’s building… deep inside your pussy… your body tingles… my cock feels so good… almost there… your legs tense up… almost… you take in a breath… hold it… right there… yes… yes… oh yeah… YES… thrust… YES… harder… YES… YOU’RE CUMMING… YES… YES… YES… YEEESSSS… ohhh… baby… dripping… still cumming… hard cock… still thrusting … pushing… deep inside… aftershocks… incredible… slowing down… sweaty… relax… breathe…

I pull out and turn you around. I sit down on the chair and pull you down to me. You straddle my legs… knees weak… holding my rock hard cock… guiding me inside you… one inch at a time… slowly… lower… deep inside. Your pussy is so tight. We stare into each other’s eyes… smiling. You are looking at the man you have desired more than any other. He has just seduced you. He has just made love to you. He is still making love to you. He is fucking you. Now… you want to fuck him.

I run my fingers through your hair, pushing it back so I can see you… so beautiful. I take your face into my hands… pull you close to me… your lips to mine… kissing you like I’m savoring the very last sweet strawberry on the earth. You begin to roll your hips… my cock still deep inside your pussy… you are dripping all over me. We embrace… pressing your gorgeous breasts against my chest… your hips move faster now… your eyes are closed… your head is thrown back… you are fucking me now… grinding… groaning with each push on my cock. I am watching you… the pleasure on your face… your breasts shaking… your hips as you fuck me… everything. This one comes more quickly… you cum more quickly… I am sucking your nipples… nibbling… your body shudders… your juices flood all over my thighs… I grab your hips… pulling myself deeper into you… your nails dig into my arms… one more orgasm… one more moan… one… more… thrust… unnhhh… fuck yeah… get all of it… make that pussy cum… feel me squeezing your ass… saying your name… you are so fucking sexy…

…slowing down now… catching your breath… you fall forward… leaning against me…

I wrap my arms around you and stand up. You wrap your legs around my back. My cock is still hard… still inside you. I carry you to your bed and lay you down gently. I hold myself up and look down at you… my cock slides in… and out… of your wet pussy… my eyes still on yours… faster… your hands on my ass… pulling me deeper… harder… my balls slapping your ass… your hips pushing up… faster… your eyes on mine… I feel it… it’s building… harder… eyes still open… yes… here it comes… it’s coming… look at me… feel my cock swell… yeS… yES… YES… I’M CUMMING… HARD… OHHHH… YOU’RE CUMMING… SQUEEZE MY COCK WITH YOUR PUSSY…FUCK ME… OHHH… YES… YES… I’M CUMMING SO HARD… YES… YES… YEs… Yes… yes… yeahhh… oh baby… damn… unbelievable… unhh… still cumming… both of us… just a little… can’t move your legs… exhausted… slowing down… laying on you… catching our breath… sweaty… satisfied… never took our eyes off each other… magic.

You love the smell of sex.

We lay together now… on your bed… kissing… hugging… nuzzling… caressing… interlocking fingers… spooning… eyes closing… drifting… breathing as one… sleeping… smiling… happy.

Sweet dreams.