In my experience, very few women understand how to seduce a man. Merely being naked, wearing revealing clothing, having sex, or talking dirty are not necessarily seductive acts.

While some men will respond to those simplicities, I usually require a little more. What makes me react is:

1. CASUAL NUDITY: Casual nudity but gently and femininely displayed. Women in heels and thigh-high stocking, but nothing else, putting on her makeup before getting dressed to go out. Envisioning her fresh out of the shower, feminine scents applied to her bare skin … THAT is incredibly sexy and seductive because her body is beautiful, and she isn’t even trying to be sexy – she just is.

2. CONFIDENCE: As just described, a woman who is confident in her sexuality and femininity and who can comfortably display it without being coy, shy, or awkward is very sexy.

3. DRESSING SEXY FOR THE OCCASION: There is a reason men like the sexy librarian look, and a reason men like string bikinis, and a reason men like miniskirts, and a reason men like tight jeans with cleavage-baring blouses … it’s all very seductive if worn to flatter your figure and at the right time. Do not try too hard, do not wear stripper heels and big bows and flowers and glitter … just look good.

4. BEING THOUGHTFUL: Nothing is more seductive than a woman who takes the time to get to know her man, to remember what he likes and needs – and does it for him without prompting. Whether that is cooking my favorite meal, buying a gift, or planning a special occasion – it is seductive to be thought of.

5. SPONTANEITY: Show me how much you want and need me by pulling out my cock randomly and sucking it just because you want to. That is very seductive. Asking permission, only doing it when asked, not swallowing – are all the opposite of sexy.

6. SURPRISE ME:  As an example, talking dirty regularly is dull and tawdry. But, for a classy woman to throw in a “, please fuck my ass hard tonight” in my ear as we leave the restaurant – is the epitome of seductive and sexy.

7. BE SUBMISSIVE:  There is nothing more seductive than the woman being submissive. If you are obedient, if you suffer for me, if you endure that which I know you hate just to please me, if you take discipline without complaint, if you comply without delay … when you have a sweet, submissive attitude – that’s seductive all on its own.

In sum, do not try too hard, just be submissive and sexy naturally. Do the trivial things. Respect your man. Make an effort. Show that you care, do not just say that you do.