Definition – What does BDSM Dungeon mean?

A BDSM dungeon is an indoor space designated specifically for BDSM play or BDSM scenes. These spaces are usually stocked with various BDSM toys and equipment which can be used during scenes. Some dungeons may even come equipped with shackles on the walls or St. Andrew’s crosses. Any number of BDSM activities can occur in a dungeon including activities such as flogging, bondage, suspension, blood play, age play, and resistance play.

The term dungeon does not necessarily mean that these spaces are in castles or underground. Private dungeons, such as those inside private residences, may occupy space in basements, but can also be set up in bedrooms, spare rooms, or even large walk-in closets. Public dungeons may occupy warehouses or nightclubs and are usually open to the public, although they typically operate very quietly.

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