Not everyone in the BDSM world needs pain for pleasure. Not everyone who kinks wants to hurt. Recognizable? Then you are a sensualist.

What is a sensualist?

A sensualist does BDSM without pain. There are a lot of sensualist dominants, submissives, slaves and kinky players. They all have one thing in common: they are not in pain. A sensualist is someone who is dedicated to giving and receiving sensual pleasure. Sensualists enjoy exploring their sensuality and the sensuality of others. They place incredible value on the senses – feeling, taste, smell, sight and hearing – and consider these the most important properties during a BDSM scene. Some people even say that sensualists are more sensual awareness than pain lovers. During foreplay, they prefer activities beyond touch. This could include smelling the arms or licking and tasting their skin.

In a BDSM scene, only part deals with pain to achieve intense pleasure. So you can also do BDSM without any pain in the game. Sensualism is a bond between adults who play a BDSM game without pain and with the intention of causing intense pleasure or desirable states of consciousness. Sensualist is thus a derivative of sensualism and refers to a participant in the game. This can be either a dominant or a submissive. If you are the dominant in the game, you are a sensualist dominant and the submissive is a sensualist submissive.

When are you a sensualist?

Having sensual pleasure doesn’t make you a sensualist. Sensuality is not sensualism. Those are two different things. Anyone can light a scented candle or dim the lights in a BDSM scene. Even pain lovers can use sensual techniques, but that does not immediately make them a sensualist. They are sadists or masochists who sometimes apply some sensual techniques in the game. No more. When a sensualist experiences pain during a scene, they feel no affection for the dominant but only pain and perhaps even distrust towards the top. Pain does not please a sensualist.

What can a sensualist do?

Do you think sensualists are only into scented candles, romantic music and erotic massages? Nothing is less true! Sensualists can also play rough without causing pain to have fun. Sensualists can play the game nicely, but they can also play a game on the verge of pain. For example, pulling the hair slowly and gently can already act sexually stimulating for a sensual top or bottom. But did you know that a sensualist can also dominate a masochist? It’s not like a sensualist and a sadist or masochist can never play together. They should only make good arrangements to get both of them out of the game. But it is certainly not a previously unsuccessful combination.

Being a sensualist is just like any other role in the kink lifestyle. If a game cannot be played without pain (for example knife play) then it is not on the list of a sensualist. If a game can be played without causing pain or pain, a sensualist can perform that game. Take impact play, for example. This game of flogging, spanking and paddling is associated with SM and pain, but there’s no reason why a sensualistic dominant can’t do impact play. In this case, for example, the sensual top could discover ways in which impact play does not lead to real pain. His or her sensualistic submissive receives mild to strong sensations in the body that do not come close to pain.

Which toys can a sensualist use?

A sensualist can use various BDSM toys in the game. The most important thing is, of course, that these toys do not cause pain, but do weigh in to achieve intense pleasure. A sensualist highly values ​​beautiful and sensual toys. These can be, for example, the following toys:

  • An eye mask: a blindfold obscures the sensualistic submissive road, sharpening the other senses. There are many different blindfolds and for a sensualist a variant with lace that looks luxurious and elegant is always the right choice.
  • Ticklers: A tickler is a great toy for a sensualist. With the fluffy feathers of this toy you can tease your sub and stimulate it very specifically.
  • Cuffs: you could also find wrist and ankle cuffs in the bedside table of a sensualist. Bondage is a very good form for sensualists. In most cases, there is no pain when tying, because the sub is only deprived of its freedom of movement. If you absolutely don’t want your sub to feel any kind of pain, go for satin or plush cuffs.
  • SM candles: massage candles are the ideal way to please a sensualist. They are great for an erotic massage, but they can also be used for an exciting game. Make sure that the wax has cooled in such a way that it does not cause pain stimuli on the body.
  • Role play: of course, sensualists can also use all kinds of attributes that are necessary for role play. Think, for example, of high patent boots or a dog mask. You can also use the necessary toys for this. For example, an anal plug with a tail is not painful, but it provides the right setting and atmosphere.
  • Various sex toys: there are various sex toys suitable for sensualists. It’s wise to omit nipple clamps and pinwheels, but a sensualist may well add a dildo, butt plug, or vagina balls to the game.