Why do She enjoy humiliation?

Because she will cum harder when have to beg for her release.

You see, out of the bedroom and play! She is a very strong minded person, and used to being in control! so when she’s at play with her Dom, giving him complete control over her can be so rewarding.

BDSM is more mental to her, yes she enjoy the physical aspects of it, the pain, the bondage, but the mental aspects just take her to a whole different level.

Being in fear, out of control, feeling shame and doing things that she would never imagine of doing but that she love to do in the end, it’s the ultimate high for her, her drug.

Being forced to her knees, begging, being called dirty nasty derogatory names, not being in control of what she do or cannot do is the most exciting and fascinating part of it all.

It’s not just the pain or the domination, but those powerful words her Dominant says when we are at play that trigger her submissive side and makes her into a complete puddle of wetness.

They say that power exchange is the ultimate mind fuck and boy are they right. This doesn’t apply just in person but also can be done over text, emails, phone calls, etc.

Of course, this is only done with her consent, and her Dominant knows what things to do or what words to use and nothing out of her limits is done without talking about it first before any play starts.

That’s why communication it’s so important, before, during and after a play. Constant communication between any D/s relationship helps to know not only what works but also what doesn’t.

And always remember, aftercare, so important to give reassurance and comfort after any play.