She needed to be used

She needed to be used

Like a sex doll

As if she was built to please me

Hair pulled

Ass Smacked

Tied up and eaten out

With one hand on her throat

And the other on her breast

As I licked her delicious cunt

Until she cried out in ecstasy

Filling my mouth

With her sweet honey

Like the cum whore

She loves to become

She needed snuggles and forehead kisses

To be told she was my special princess

Held safe and securely

By my strong arms

As she laid still

With her head on my chest

Listening to my heart

Like it was her perfect lullaby

She needed all those things

Not because they conflict with one another

But on a perfect night

Like us, those opposing desires, simply complement each other

Creating an erotic landscape of beauty and kink