She wanted her throat fucked. To be made to choke and gag on my cock and made to taste her own saliva as she does. To hold her head down, while she takes all of me which literally takes her breath away for a moment and then I’ll allow her to taste that sweet air for just a second, until I force her down on my cock once again.

That look in her eyes of a mixture of bewilderment and arousal is a beautiful thing to witness. She looks radiant in her destruction and her hunger for my cock only builds in the moment when she is manhandled and used with great pleasure.

She wanted to be Daddy’s good girl and have her warm and wet mouth wrapped around my cock while she’s made to suck on it until I make a big mess in her mouth and she gets to taste me and lick my cock clean. She loves the brutality and adores the raw passion of a primal throat fucking aid I’m very happy that she does.