She wasn’t lost, but she’s thankful she was finally found.
She wasn’t lost, but she still needed direction. To allow her to know, that the Dom giving it cared and that he had it to give. It was in that direction where she found her way, her world, her being was led to a home she never knew she had within her. She wasn’t lost, but somehow she was finally found.

It was filled with promise, a promise to be true to each other, one’s self and the power of believing in someone who you’ve given power over you. Through that direction she realized her well being meant more to him than his own. This was the very essence of being owned.

She needed to be led because she needed him and his guidance, not because she was lost, but because she was his to now lead. She was finally home in her submission and it’s way of being she had suppressed most of her life. Just as she would allow him to own her, she would own her submissive nature and submit to it, just the same as she would submit to him.

His voice was her compass. His strength, her shelter. His commands were her purpose. His praise was her bed, where she found a restful peace of mind like never before. His dominance was her’s, just as much as she was completely his.

It wasn’t like she was ever lost, but she’s still thankful she was finally found.