My beautiful and I have a pre negotiated agreement that her body is under my ownership and I can use it for my pleasure at will. Well, upon waking up this morning, she declined my advances, as she was still upset with me from the night before. We had gotten into one of our normal spats about something rather minor, but we made it into a bigger deal than what it was because of how emotional we both can get. What she failed to realize, is my ownership of her body is not conditional on our emotional status.

I didn’t punish or argue with her when she rejected my desire for sex in the morning. Rather I let her go about her business and get ready for work. We exchanged pleasantries and both left for the day.

I didn’t stew over the rejection for I knew exactly what I had planned to remedy the situation. Upon arrival at the house, she had already been home and dispersed for the local community Park that has massive trails. She was wearing her bright pink skirt and tank top with a sports bra. The park is surrounded by a deep Forrest with lots of different trails for those more adventurous. She was running and finally spotted me straight ahead. She looked confused as I didn’t have running gear on nor looked like I was going to join her. She stopped before me and said, “what’s up, why are you out here?” I responded in a no fucking around tone, “Just keep quiet and follow me.” She suddenly became nervous and knew she was going to be corrected. What I didn’t know was, she had deliberately turned down my advances in the morning, so that she could be rightfully punished later on.

I lead her up the trail and it’s starting to get harder to see, as the sun is setting. It is eerily quiet as most people are home eating dinner at this time and the trails and park are mostly empty, except for the few runners still on the track. I grab her hand and lead her for about five minutes off the trail, into a secluded part of the forest. I stop abruptly and push her lightly and carefully into a tree. The bark still takes hold of her back and she arches out in pain. “Good,” I said. “You’re going to feel a lot more pain and pleasure right now.” She looks both timid and turned on by the prospect of being tortured and fucked in the middle of the woods. The sun has almost set and darkness hides us from the sight of any passer by. Plus not many ever adventure off the beaten path.

I turn her around and push into her. This causes her body to dig into the rough bark and she moans with pain. I can see indentures on the back of her legs from initially being pushed into the tree, I can only imagine what markings this type of impact will have on her delicate body. I quickly pull down her skirt and panties, exposing her bare bottom to me. I tell her to raise her hands and don’t even think about moving from her current position. Before any punishment, I lightly stroke her pussy to find it nice and wet. She is quite turned on by being handled and fondled in a public setting. I take out a hunting knife from my back pocket and cut her tank top and bra off. She is completely startled and did not anticipate that at all. She starts to drip down her leg by being so aroused.

Little does she know, I have a bag I placed down earlier before I saw her and it has a change of clothes for her, as well as a blanket. I pick up her torn tank top and tie it around her eyes. Now her vision is completely removed and the only senses she will be able to rely on, is my touch and my voice. I start to rub her ass with great veracity and grab at it like a hungry wolf.

I then lay down an extremely hard smack. Usually I will warm her up before starting with that kind of impact, but she needs to be taught a lesson. “You’re not ever going to deny me what’s rightfully mine, ever again, are you?” I ask in a low menacing voice. “No, Sir,” she replies meekly. I then continue with the spankings, only now I revert back to a more appropriate firmness, until I can tell she is able to handle a much rougher touch. I smack, pull, scratch and claw her ass, until her knees buckle and she moans out like an animal of the night.

I spin her back around and her naked body is well marked up from being rubbed up against the hard bark of the tree. I begin to kiss her lightly and tell her she is a good girl for taking her proper punishment. “Thank you Sir, I deserved to be punished,” she says while sticking out her pussy. I begin to stroke her clit softly but in a rapid and precise manner. This gets her very aroused and she whispers, “please finger fuck me.” I tell her I have something better than my fingers and tell her to stand there for a moment. I go and retrieve the blanket from my bag and I place it before us. I lay her down on her side and lay behind her. I slip in with ease and begin fucking her like an animal who has just been released from its cage and needs to devour its prey. I fuck her, hard and fast, while covering her mouth with my hand and she cums multiple times before I finish. I wrap the blanket around us and cuddle her tight from behind. Giving her kisses and sweet words that dance in her ear. I tell her how lovely and special she truly is. She feels safe and loved and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

After some time, I present her with her change of clothes and she is grateful I thought ahead. She gives me a very passionate kiss after she gets dressed and says I’m the best Sir she could ask for.