Over the last 20+ years I have trained and broken lots of White, Black, Spanish and Persian slaves.



Therefore are lots of women today who are very independent and strong-minded, and at work they are the boss or they are hard-chargers, and some even consider themselves as feminists, but when they get home or in their personal relationships, they like a strong and TRUE Alpha guy they can submit to.

These are the types of women I am attracted to, and also the type of person that is attracted to my extreme style. Such women are often depraved, extreme, fucked-up, and twisted, and just need the right person to masterfully unleash that beast within them: with patience, understanding and care


  • 3 Months Slavery Program
  • 6 Months Slavery Program
  • Lifetime – Absolute 100% Slavery

There is a 2-4 Weeks Trial Training Period (Mandatory)


  • Be able to meet in person for dinner/drinks within 2 weeks.
  • Females & Couples Only 💋
  • Will consider a MTF 👌 – ONLY if passable. I am not interested in anyone with a flat chest!! Must be pre-op or on hormones
  • Must live in Northern Texas within 2 hours of me.
  • Sign a Master-Slave Training Contract.
  • Do you live MORE than 2 hours away? Then DM me and ask me if I will consider you. I don’t do online, Kik sexting or long-distance training, so you need to let me know how you plan to visit me on a regular basis or your plans to relocate to me.

👉What part of “MANDATORY” don’t people understand!! I am getting FUCKING TIRED OF PEOPLE MESSAGING ME AND BEGGING to be trained even WHEN THEY DON’T FUCKING meet my mandatory requirement. Going forward, I’ll just start blocking such people.


Enslavement is a process. It’s NOT a one-time event. With time, a person is sexually, emotionally, and psychologically transformed. You become “free” to be the person you were truly born to be. That is the training that I provide. It is comprehensive enslavement. Real life ownership and slavery – no fluff.

For the duration of the Master-slave contract, your only consent will be the consensual non-consent that will be part of the contract. You will willingly be giving your consent to having no rights, no safe words, and to be completely trained, molded, and owned.

My enslavement process and training regiment is customized for each individual person. No two people are the same, and so there is no standard training. As you and I chat over the next few days and weeks, I will get a better understanding of how your training will be developed.

After we’ve chatted for a few days, and I’ve learned more about the vanilla AND non-vanilla sides of you, THEN I’ll be able to start sharing with you what you can expect in the first couple of weeks/months. I’ll also send you a SAMPLE copy of my Master-Slave Training Contract so you can get an ideal of what yours will look like.


DON’T THINK ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK AND I’LL ACCEPT YOU. Nope, it does not work like that. I REJECT 90% OF THE PEOPLE THAT ASK TO BE TRAINED BECAUSE of various factors INCLUDING lack of mental connection or they are just not EXTREME enough for me

My training success speaks for itself. Most slaves I’ve trained have gone on to live happy satisfied lives, and they always keep in touch regarding how they are doing.


When I fuck I fuck bareback – No exception. However, I am also very health conscious. And so, I require recent STD test results showing negative results and disease free. Show me your test results; I’ll show you mine

👉👉 IMPORTANT: 👈👈 If you message me, on your first message, make sure to mention that you read my bio. I’ll probably ignore your DM if I don’t see any mention of this. Sad how people don’t read bios on here.