I arrived home, and as usual, the slave was waiting on her knees by the door, my favorite bottled beer resting between her tits, the ice-cold rivulets of melting ice running down between her tits. I walked inside and tossed my jacket over the back of a chair and turned to the slut. She was so happy to see me! I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet, grabbing the beer with my hand as I roughly spread her ankles wide.

First, I jammed the neck of the beer bottle inside her cunt…then I withdrew it and drank deeply. Setting aside the beer, I rammed three fingers, then four deep inside her cunt…which was only semi-wet. She squealed at the intrusion as I forced more of my hand inside her slut cunt. It had been some time since I had fist fucked the whore…and I saw she was due. But not yet. I clipped her lead onto her collar and forced her to follow me on her hands and knees into the kitchen.

“Make me dinner…bitch and be quick about it. But first, a little taste for you.”

I unzip my pants, and with no ceremony, I jam my cock deep into her throat. She gags a bit, and I frown. Her eyes are on mine, and they grow large with fear. She knows her throat MUST accept me to the root of my cock, or she’ll be punished. She works my cock with the lusty abandon of the cock sucking whore that I have made her. I secure her leash to a rail, which will allow her free movement in the kitchen. And I go shower.

30 minutes later, I’m in the dining room with her at my side on her knees while I eat. I feed her scraps from my plate directly into her mouth from my hands. She licks my fingers clean. As I finish, I idly pinch her nipples with ever-increasing force. She whimpers and finally cries out. I glance between her spread thighs to see the small puddle growing on the marble floor.

“You SLUT! Look at the mess you’ve made! CLEAN IT UP!!” I growl…

She looks around for a towel, and I slap her across the face and wrap my hands in her long hair.

“No slut…LICK IT UP!”

She timidly leans over, and her tiny pink tongue darts out and laps up the mess she has made.

I clip the lead onto her collar and make her crawl behind me to the punishment bathroom. As soon as she realizes where she’s going, she starts to plead, beg and cry. “PLEASEEEE MASTER…NO!!! Not….not…NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Too late. I hook her collar to the unique hook on the wall, and then I fasten her thighs and ankles and wrists to spaced hooks until she was spread taut against the wall all her slut holes open for my pleasure. I reached into the shower and withdrew the hose and nozzle. She continued to cry and whimper. I got the bag and poured a mix of warm soapy water and lime juice into the soft rubber bag. I jammed the nozzle into her ass as she screamed a wail that got even louder as I loosed the liquid into her bowels. As I watched her belly grow distended with the fluid, I pinched her nipples and twisted them to hear her cry. I cut off the flow and rammed a large ASS PLUG inside.

“Hold it, cunt,” I told her. Then I sat and watched as the sweat beaded up and rolled off her forehead, streaking her face mixing with her tears, which is just what I was waiting for. I move forward. She knows what’s next and dreads it for the sheer humiliation. I rip out the plug and her bowels empty forcefully. She groans at the feeling and the degradation. But I’m swift to clean her up by shoving her into the shower and hosing her down with the flexible shower head. She is shivering when she finally crawls out of the stall.

I command her to be ready herself. She blanches, and her hands shake as she goes about the task of drying her hair and reapplying her makeup. I leave and go to the playroom, where I ready the equipment.

A short time later, I hear a light timid knock, and I command that she enter as the slut bitch she is. The door swing wide and she snuffles in, face pressed to the floor, ass high in the air, sensitive nipples dragging the floor. She comes over to the center of the floor area. I quickly pull down the chains and wrist/ankle cuffs and secure each to a limb. Then I activate the switch.

The slack is taken up, and her arms and legs spread eagle as her body is lifted horizontally off the floor. Her extremities take the strain, and she groans.

I choose a short crop and begin the dance of torment. A cut to the inside of the thigh…lightly! And she jumps, twisting in the restraints. Another to the soft belly, harder. A thin red welt appears. Another, and another varying the speed and the intensity and the strike zone. Soon she is moaning and screaming and babbling unintelligible speech as her drool slips from the corners of her mouth. I switch to the horsehair flogger and step between her spread thighs. Her cunt juice is dripping on the floor. I viciously slash at her exposed tender cunt lips with the flogger. She jerks and screams! Screams again! My cock is hard, but I have miles to go yet…

I slide the rolling table beneath her body and lower her onto it, swiftly changing the location of the restraints so that she remains spread. I produce my favorite little steel-tipped rubber flogger, and for the first time, I speak to her.

“Arch your back slut and offer me your tits to strike!!” Her eyes rolled wildly as her chest heaves. I know she has been in a constant state of orgasm for some time now. I speak again:

“THAT’S TEN MORE BITCH!” She swiftly arches her back, and her luscious tits, topped with the tiny rock hard nipples, are raised for my whip. The first slice cuts neatly across the nipple, and she howls in pain, but manages to gasp: “One, thank you, master.” Another cut the other tit, the same zone: “TWO, thank you, master!” I increase the force slowly as the angry welts appear crisscrossing her tits as I walk the strike zones down her body to her feet. After each, she jerks and pleads and screams as I enjoy the whole experience.

Finally, I am finished. My arm aches from the use…I feel as if I just arm-wrestled, “The Terminator.” My chest is heaving from the exertion. I release her from the restraint, and she rolls off the bench and falls in a heap to the floor.

But I’m not done yet. I take a deep breath and haul her by that long luxurious hair to her feet, and I half drag, half carry her still form over to a nearby couch. I sling her across the back like a large sack of rice. As the cloth hits her welts, she moans pitifully. I slap her ass.

“C’mon SLUT…this is the payoff. Move that sweet ass for me….milk my cockjuice with your cunt muscles…”

And I ram my MEAT deep inside her cunt slamming deep inside…GAWD, she’s so tight! As I hammer her unmercifully, I reach around and pinch her clit and the first of many orgasms yet to wrack her helpless body. She cums and cums until she passes out.

I cum deep inside her and carry her to my bed…where I wrap her in my arms, and we sleep. Halfway through the night, I shove her down to my waist so she can suck my cock…and I fall asleep with my cock in her hot…wet…mouth. She purrs contently…her life as my slave is PERFECT…I have TRAINED her well.