To me, the goal of any of the BDSM activities is to break down the barriers and boundaries our society has set up on how to behave in the bedroom. I need something that sends me into a more animalistic, primal, raw connection, that is based on a trust that comes with power and responsibility… I want to erase the civilized notions of love and create something deeper and attain that connection, space, where there is no skin, no outer layers, but simply raw primal emotion of both tenderness and a yearning to hurt and be hurt and taken care of in the deepest sense. Where my love is not just my love, she is my responsibility and I am honored to be able to control her pleasure and influence her emotional mindset and lead her to the safest, most beautiful place ever created. Bdsm is so much more than about being controlled or controlling, but a freedom found in a mutual acceptance of needs that go beyond words and desires, a deep need to be so connected with one another, the one being lead and the one leading, become so intertwined that you don’t see where one starts and the other stops.