I wonder if you know how much daddy loves you when you drop to your knees and rest your had on my lap. Can you feel it, rubbing your face against my jeans, how hard daddy works to provide for you. Can you feel it, how when daddy is away he worries so much about his little girl.

When you unzip my fly and reach in to my pants, do you know how happy daddy is to come home to a clean house and have dinner ready for him. My belly is full and there is only one thing left for you to do.

Can you feel the swell of emotion daddy feels when he touches your face, right before you open your mouth wide to take my cock. “That’s it little girl. Daddy loves you.”

You ate dinner, too but your belly isn’t full yet. “That’s it honey, keep sucking daddy’s cock. Such a good girl with your sweet little mouth wrapped so tight around my shaft.”

And when daddy unloads all his cum down the back of your throat, and you just keep sucking harder and harder, coaxing every last drop out, can you feel that special bond between a daddy and his little girl? Do you know what it all means in that moment, or does your innocent little mind not worry about such things. Either way, both our bellies are full now and daddy loves you so much.