Be still, Do not struggle against you restraints,
This rope that I bind you with,
Is not meant to constrain you,
It is meant to set you free!

Free from who you pretend to be,
Free from your life that made you so unhappy!

Life can be cruel,
Life can be obscene,
Life is never fair!
But I who strives to be be your friend,

Your lover,
Your Master,
I will never hurt you,
I would give my life,

To keep you from harm.
My only desire is to make you happy,
My only fate to be by your side,
This rope I bind you with is attached to my soul,

For I have captured your heart,
I have captured your mind,
But still your soul,

Your spirit,
Your true self,
Whatever term you choose,
Resists me.

My spirit must merge with yours,
So it becomes one within us,
And though the world will say it is I who owns you,
We will know however,

You own me every bit as I own you.
Master/slave built not on need,
Not on want,
Not in desire,
But Master/slave built on love.

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