Can we stop blaming exes for everything

The rapper Mac Miller died of a drug overdose and trolls thought it would be a good idea to go on Instagram and tell his ex-girlfriend it was her fault he died because she broke his heart.

What kind of shit is that?
No, your ex is not responsible for your feelings. They are not responsible for your life, your addictions, your depression. Yes, some relationships are abusive and can leave scars. But it’s our responsibility to recognize a bad relationship, leave it and move on from it.

A broken heart, failed marriage or bad relationship is devastating, but its not the end, just a chance at a new beginning.

The reason why you have to take responsibility for yourself is that I promise you, your ex isn’t, nor should they. People have the right to break up with other people and they’re not responsible for that person after the split.

When we stop blaming our exes for everything we can take that energy and responsibility on living the life we want to live and be the person we want to become.