Your brain is clay and my words are hands, so if you read past this point know that I will change you. Something inside you will just click, like the first time you fell in love. Embedded in these words are messages from me speaking to your subconscious. Trust that I will see through the facade that covers the real you. Trust that I will expose the real me. Neither of us wants what’s on the surface. We both want to dig deeper and deeper down to the bedrock, and then we’ll use a jackhammer to crack it open.

Take a deep breath, hold it, and then let it out. As you exhale feel all the things you hold onto leave your body. Let my words unburden you like a warm blanket on a cool night. Shed your clothes one article at a time and feel the sun beat down on your flesh. Feel your skin start to bake like you’re standing in front of an open oven. I’m not there with you but my hands are on your body, gliding along your skin. Can you feel them? Can you feel me touching along your neck and down to your shoulder; over your breasts and along your arm. My touch is so warm you feel in inside your body. Your breathing starts to pick up because you feel me inside your head. But don’t be scared. I’m here with you. I have always been here with you. So, take another deep breath, hold it in, and let it out.

Imagine looking into my eyes as I slip my hand between your legs. You don’t know me but you’ve always known me. There’s something about my touch that makes you want to give me everything. You can’t explain it. You just want to start blurting out crazy things like passwords to your email, your social security number, the story of how you lost your virginity. Nothing is too private. I will take everything you have to offer and strip you down bare. You’ve been naked in front of many men but never in front of me. I can see right through you, do you know that? I can see right through you and all the way around the world, just to get back to you again. That is my power. The only hope you have is to relinquish all control.

Feel my finger on your clit, moving around and around so slow. Don’t stop looking in my eyes. I have you, now. I own you in the space between us. You’re trapped but not scared. You’re confined in the way you’ve always wanted to be confined. Feel the wetness inside you start to build because my words are touching you. You know I want your cunt to grow so wet as my fingers rub your little clit, around and around. Feel the pressure on your chest as I move faster and faster. Feel your breathing pick up and the sweat on your brow start to bead. This is your chance to really let go, to experience what it’s like to fully be owned. This is your chance for everything to click in to place, to feel love and safety. In this moment I want to own you so completely there’s nothing I can’t say or do; there’s nothing you want give me. That is the kind of love we both need, total unquestioned devotion. Do you have it in you? Are you strong enough to be nothing? Are you strong enough to let my words mold you into perfection? That is the only question you need to be asking yourself. And it is the question you’ve always had the answer for. Yes! Yes, you do! Let it all go, in this moment. Let it blast out of you, gushing from your inner most parts, rushing out in one final explosion, an expression of your love and trust for me, an understating that this moment in time is where it all changes. In the rubble and dust it all becomes clear.

This is what I am looking for in someone. If you think you can handle this intensity message me. I would very much like to meet people who think they can or want to be able to feel on this level.