Hush little girl, it’s time to drop to your knees. Look up at him from the floor as he strokes his cock closer and closer to your mouth. It’s what you’ve been waiting for all day, isn’t it? You’ve wanted to feel daddy’s hand on the back of your head as you open your mouth nice and wide. Is there anything better than feeling your out-stretched tongue touch the tip of my cock, knowing that soon your lips will be rapped so tight around it?

This is your chance. Put all your heart and emotions into taking daddy’s cock. Think about all the love and emotion he puts into taking care of you. Can you feel it swelling up from your little girl’s heart? You aren’t just sucking a man’s cock. You’re rewarding your daddy for always knowing how to touch your face before he kisses you.

You are showing him that you know he works hard. You are letting him know you appreciate how he holds you when you’re sad and punishes you when you’re bad. So open wide and take it all. Don’t stop until his daddy-cum is dripping down the back of your throat. This is why you exist. This is what your mouth was made for. Use it to the best of your ability because your daddy deserves your best.