She said “take me”. She wanted to feel the full force of my masculinity overwhelm her precious frame and overpower her in such a way she would have no choice but to submit to my demands and threats whispered in her ear.

She wanted to be pined down, tied up and fucked with no compassion. To have her skin marked and her pussy used and abused while she felt helpless was what she needed more than anything in this impactful and refined moment.

She said “take me”. She wanted to feel understood and taken for who she is and not as someone who someone else needed her to be.

She wanted to be cherished for her dark and wicked desires, while still respected for the beautiful and precious feminine human she strives to be.

She never wants anyone to take away her humanity, she just wants to be used like a fuck doll at times in spite of it.

She’s complicated and precious. A beautiful and intoxicating combination and when she says “take me”, it makes me hard and excited like little else can.

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