It was a Wednesday afternoon and starlight had gotten off work early, she decided to go tan. Walking into the room she turns shutting the door and locking it tight. Slowly she takes off her clothes. Standing in front of the mirror admiring her golden body. Star reaches for the lotion that she loves so much. Pouring some into her dainty hands. placing her leg on the chair she starts massaging it in, thinking of all the places Master has told her to concentrate on. The top of her foot, ankle, behind knee, and inside of thigh.

He has told her these areas one at a time. Showing and teaching her there are more body parts that are sensual not just the obvious ones. Continueing to gently rub lotion in, looking into the mirror and noticing His petals are moistened just thinking of this. as her light touch reaches each spot the petals open and the sugar flows a little more.

Taking and working lotion into those small areas around His heart. Finger dipping slightly sliding over her hardened clit, a small moan escapes her lips. Appling lotion to her stomach, looking into the mirror again noticing her eyes are full of desire.

Knowing she will see her Master tonight. Hands gently cupping her breast, squeezing them, hands slick with lotion as she pinches the nipples, pulling and tugging on the already sensitive nubs. Hands continueing up to her chest and neck. Blushing as her hands reach her neck.

Remembering His hands around her neck bringing her in hard for a kiss. Lips bruised and pulsating after that kiss. Wanting more, but He doesn’t give her anymore, makes her wait. Watching and enjoying the slow torture he knows it is having in her belly. The wanting and deep desire that only He can produce in her.

Running hands over her shoulders. she shudders as she can still feel His lips gently caressing them. Running hands down her arms smoothing the lotion in. She reaches for the lotion one last time. Squeezing some into her hands, rubbing them together. turning and looking at her bare bottom in the mirror. noticing how nice and tanned it is, reaches around rubbing hands on bottom, spreading lotion everywhere. Working the lotion in, getting a little around her tight little hole, rubbing it in gently.

Walking over to the tanning bed slips between the shelter of heat. closing eyes and letting every sensation awakened in her as she remembers all those spots he has instructed to have a little more attention given. Remembers behind the knee, can feel His finger tips gently caressing that area sending shudders through out her body.

As starlight lays there , eyes closed, on her back, thighs apart, letting her body absorb the heat from the bulbs. Thoughs of the time her breast where the spot of the day. Master instructing her to go get in shower, rub soap all over them and massage, pull, tug, and tease for three minutes. was so erotic but yet as instructed could not release.

The heat was so intense, holding His release, holding breath, breathing hard, gasping knowing only He could give her what she needed and craved. She wonders if He will or make her wait. watching her squirm, knowing she wants to release, knowing that when He says NOW, she has the most intense, mind shattering, soul shaking orgasm.

As she she lays there, not releasing her fingers find His treasures, gently caressing, her clit hard and throbbing, the fan gently blowing cool air on it while the bulbs heat it. Not realizing the timer on the bed had clicked off. she opens her bright blue eyes, realizing what she was doing, blushes to herself. slowly climbs off the bed looking down at her ankle seeing His ribbon there. smiles as she gets dressed walking out like she was and is the luckiest girl in the world.

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