As you sweetly smile down at me, our eyes meeting once again, you smoothly reach your right hand down, grasp the side of your panties and move them to the side, sliding downwards in, seemingly, one motion. I feel your moist lips part as you finally allow me inside of you. With my back on the frosty ground for so, my body slowly growing colder as the day wore on the warmth of your pussy contrasts this ideally, and the sensation begins to fill my body slowly, flowing into my body from my cock down to my feet and up to head at the same time, even turning my skin tone from a pale, grey to a warm, pinkish state slowly but surely. As the feeling reaches my toes and the middle of my back at the same time, my back arches and my head leans back, pressing it firmly against the ground for leverage in my hip thrust all on its own. An equally unintentional but welcomed reaction is the slow and lung exhausting moan that seeps from my mouth. I’m in a nearly unconscious, ecstasy filled state until your downward movement finally has nowhere left to go, and you reach the hilt of my cock. Your own eyes nearly slide to the back of your head as you close your lids and move your right hand from your cock to the hair behind my ear, gripping it tightly.

A moan of your own escapes your lips as you begin to grind your hips into my rhythmically and slowly as if our breathing, moaning, heartbeats, and sensations were making a melody to follow. I feel your light layer of pubic hair mingle with my own as you lean forward, moving your ass up into the air slowly now, coming off my cock. Seemingly trying to pull the inside of your pussy out with it, it grips my cock so hard, so hard that I can feel the pressure force any pre-cum I had between the hilt of my cock and the tip out with it. Still, with your pussy dripping as much as it is, the motion is smooth and easy for you. I try to control my breathing, doing my best to keep my breaths long, and my orgasm from hitting me already. Still, with your mouth so close to mine, I can feel your breath against my mouth, and even the air you breathe out is sensual to me; in this instance, my breathing becomes more and more sporadic. Both of our bodies start to emit more heat, and eventually, the small window in the room fogs up.

Slowly you start to move up and down on me now, gently raising your hips and equally pushing back down. I can feel the ridges of your pussy walls grip my cock tightly in directions, the warmth and moistness of the inside almost driving me over the edge already. I contain my cumming as best I can, your motions growing in speed, with your right hand firmly grasping the hair behind my ear your left hand is free to move down to your clit, gently parting the hood to your clit and just as gently squeezing it between two of your fingers as you continue. Your breathing starts to become less and less deep as you near your first orgasm, and this is when I start to use my hips to thrust into you more as you lose focus on doing it yourself. My shoulder blades press against the ground with all of my force as I drive my cock up into you smoothly over and over, doing my best to thrust upwards at different angles while at the same time doing my best to make sure that I don’t cum until you want me to.

I’m in such a state of ecstasy that I don’t even notice you subtly untie my wrists from their bindings until you use my hand to reach up and grab one, pulling it down to your perfect breasts. Gently I knead them in my hand, gripping your nipple between two fingers and twisting and gently and slowly as I dare in this situation. This is the first time your eyes leave mine as you lean your head back and begin thrusting downwards with earnest now. With the top half of my body free, I do a sit-up into you, wrapping both arms around you now, and I bring my mouth down onto your neck, trying to suckle as sweetly as I can. You are still trying to thrust as the sit-up bends you slightly backward now, and I’m on my knees. With your weight all down on my cock now, grinding back and forth I reach my knees and support your weight on my thighs now before I go even further back, making sure to hold you tightly against my body so that you don’t fall to the ground and off of my dick.

Gently my forearms hit the ground, and I move them out from behind you slowly, laying you down with ease onto the ground. Finally, on top of you, I’m able to concentrate on my thrusting without your weight on me, leaving you free to let your muscles take a break. Your hand still grips the back of my hair tightly, and your head is buried now into the other side, nuzzled into my neck as I begin to pull my cock out of you for the first time in this position. My hand travels up and lands on the side of your face, gently pulling your head into me more firmly as I continue to kiss your neck. With my cock, almost out, I begin to move back into you, now breathing heavily. My back and hip muscles tighten as my forward thrust finally reaches the hilt, the room so warm now the tips of both of our bangs start to grow heavier with sweat, and I feel a drop slide down my back and drip onto the ground between my legs. I begin to increase my speed when I think you trying to thrust into me as well, bringing my dick almost out of you and then thrusting back inwards more quickly now, my knees pushing firmly against the ground, almost moving with my thrusts now, making your tits jiggle slightly between us as I walk in and out of you now.

You start to moan loudly now, but it’s muffled into my neck, and a similar, but slightly throatier moan vibrates your neck. Your pussy starts to tighten just as your grip on my hair begins pulling it outward. You finally take your head off of my neck and lean it back, your moaning to longer muffled it fills the small room with sounds of ecstasy, and this pushes me over the edge. No longer being able to hold it, I begin thrusting into you as hard as I can, feeling your pussy tighten to its brink around it as we both orgasm at the same time. For a long time we lay in the same position breathing heavily, again our eyes meet, and we realize why we started this game so long ago, we need these extremely sensual sessions so that we may adequately enjoy our more eventful ones. We both understand and experience the difference. You smile up at me sweetly while you catch your breath before your expression changes entirely, the hand I forgot was in my hair rips my head backward and you do your sit up but allow me to fall flat on my back with a thud as you get up and stand over me, your cum leaking pussy covered by your panties as you position yourself…