Well, you have finally made it to Friday. Was a long hard week in the office and you are out at your favorite club to blow off some steam. You got all dressed up in your best ‘fuck me’ outfit and are now ready to break some hearts drive all the men, and probably some women, wild on the dance floor.

You have had a couple of drinks; just enough to loosen you up some and strut out onto the floor. Every set of eyes in the place watches as you make your way to the centre of stage, and begin to slowly and with deliberate movement, dance to the music. Both men and women start to come up to you to try to dance with you, but you ignore them all and just move sinuously to the beat. After a while you begin to rub up against a few of the guys on the floor, but when they reciprocate you turn your back on them and head to another person. You revel in look of disappointment in their eyes as they begin to realize that you’re not interested in them.

After a few more tunes, you decide that you’ve made enough conquests for the night and head to the coat check to get your things and leave. As you walk to the door, you notice a feller sitting off to the side watching you intently as you walk. He smiles at you and a shiver runs down your spine. His eyes cold and no warmth in his smile at all. You grab your things and look back, but he’s gone, so you shrug it off and leave.

It’s a nice warm night, and since you’re feeling a little tipsy, and this is generally a safe part of town, you decide to walk home and think about how you enjoyed yourself this night. As you’re walking down the street, watching the occasional car drive by you hear, or perhaps it was a sense, of someone behind you.

”Nice night for a walk don’t you think?’ You hear in a deep voice and jump a bit at the sound.

Turning, you discover it’s the man from the bar. You heart rate begins to climb for a second before you quickly control yourself

”Yes it is” You reply ‘But I would rather just walk alone please’ and turn away to continue your journey.

‘I don’t think so’ he states, and you suddenly feel yourself being grabbed by your hair and dragged backwards into him.

Panic rises up in you and you start to fight back, he twists you around and punches you in your stomach, forcing all your breath out and causing you to gasp. It is then you notice a parked running van with side door open right next to you. You are thrown roughly into the van and the door is slammed shut before you even realize it. you go to open the door from inside and discover that there is no latch or handle, then he jumps into the front and turns to you.

‘This will teach you to flirt and be a cock tease whore!!!’, And then shoves a small black box like thing at you. Sudden electrical jolts rip thru your body and as you begin to lose consciousness, realize he had a stun gun. Then all is black.

You feel cold. Your mid section is in pain from the punch and the stun gun. You’re disoriented. You feel strange, you totally unaware of your surroundings. You open your eyes to discover that you have been stripped and your hands are tied above your head and your feet just barley touching the floor. It feels rough and cold and you think it may be concrete. It’s very dark around you, but you begin to make out your general surroundings as your eyes become used to the dark.

You try to scream only to then discover that you have been gagged with what you assume is some sort of tape. Fear and panic rise in you. You shake and thrash in your bonds but to no avail. Something cuts deeply into your wrists and you look up to see you’re bound with an old rusty wire. You stop for fear of slicing too deeply into your flesh. You try to get your heart rate and breathing under control it takes some time but you finally manage it.

“There, now isn’t that better bitch?’ You hear out of the darkness, as a very bright light is turned on and shown into your eyes. The light stings for a moment and the fear comes back. He walks over to you, and in the back of your mind, think that he’s actually a nice looking guy, if it wasn’t for the evil grin and emotionless eyes.

He walks up to you and starts to slowly touch and rub your body, you shy away from his touch and try to kick out at him, but he moves and laughs. Then very hard back hands you across your face, spinning your body around, and causing your arms to cross. Then grabs you by your hair, and rips off the tape covering your mouth. You scream out in pain. He laugh again,

‘Keep screaming slut, no one can hear you and it really turns me on’ Then he slaps you several more times, and licks your face with one long stoke of his tongue .
‘You and I are going to have a night to remember bitch.’
‘Or at least I will remember. Hard to say if you will or not.’

He walks away behind the light, then brings out a long leather strap, and with deliberate measure, strikes you painfully along your lower back. You scream out in pain and he just smiles and continues to strap you. You jump around as much as you can but it only results in being strapped in different spot. Soon your entire torso is aflame with burning and stinging pain. You`ve never been into this nor experienced it before and can’t comprehend why he’s doing this you beg and plead with him to stop but he ignores you. After what seems like forever he stops.

Then sits back to admire the welts on your cold shivering body. Tears are streaming down your face as in between sobs you beg him to tell you why he’s doing this to you. ‘because I want to’ is his only reply You are then roughly cut down from the ceiling and collapse in a ball on the floor, you once again try to escape but he is much stronger then he looks and holds you down. He grabs you by your hair and pushes your face into the floor as he brings your arms behind your back and rebinds them, then lifts you by your hair to your knees and you watch as he undoes his zipper.

‘Time for dinner bitch.’ He states and with one quick motion shoves his already erect cock straight into your mouth and down your throat. Your gag reflex reacts and you start choking. He keeps forcing his cock deep in your mouth; you make an attempt to bite him, when he hold urn nose closed and cuts off your air supply. You try to hold out, but the need for oxygen wins and you release your teeth from is cock. Your nose bangs into his pelvis bone as he continues to throat fuck you, saliva dripping out of your mouth down your chin, gagging and choking, struggling and squirming, but he’s much too strong and in complete control of you.

He pulls his cock out of your mouth and sharply slaps your face a few times; you try to catch your breath and almost are there when he shoves his cock back in and proceeds to face fuck you. After awhile, he pulls out again, and throws you backwards on the floor. You’re gasping for air, your arms and wrists are stinging from the bonds, and you just lie there on the cold floor. You watch him take off his pants and then kneel down to you. ‘time to see how your other holes work now bitch’ turning you over he pushes your face once more into the floor, lifts up your ass and drives his cock into your pussy. Pain erupts down there for you as he thrusts deeper and harder into you, not letting your body react and lubricate itself, your face getting cut and abrasions from the little pieces of rock and bumps on the floor. You scream over and over, begging him to stop, but once again all he does is laugh at you.

Your screams seem to be turning him on even more, and if it was possible, he seems to be even harder. He says very little to you as he rapes you from behind and for some reason you take notice of that, everything seems so surreal around you. A sharp slapping noise shakes you out of your revelations as you realize he has been slapping your ass as he fucks your sore little pussy. He suddenly stops deep inside of you.

‘Guess what time it is now bitch?’

Realization begins to dawn on you as you become aware that he plans to fuck your ass. You have never had anal before and start to beg and plead that he leaves your virgin ass alone, you promise him anything he could ever want, promise to not tell the cops about any of this as long as he doesn’t fuck your ass.

‘What makes you think you’re going to be able to tell the cops anything?’ he whispers in your ear.

Your body freezes, your mind reels. What does he mean? Is he going to kill me afterwards? Maybe cut out my tongue? What on earth does he mean??Total panic takes over and you start to fully freak out!!Your heart races, your body shakes, you can’t even form a coherent thought. Fear and panic now own you!! Then…searing pain shoots up your back side as he rams his cock deep into your tiny tight asshole! It feels like its tearing you up!!You scream so loud and long that you lose your voice and all that will come out now is a high pitched whine.

Harder and harder he drives into your asshole, your face being mashed into the floor, you feel blood on your face, taste it in your mouth. You can’t handle it anymore and uncontrollable crying takes over, your body goes limp, but his strong hands keep your ass up high as he continues to sodomize you. You lose track of time and surroundings, all you know is that you’re being raped in the ass and can’t concentrate on anything else. Your head is spinning and you can’t do anything about it. You’re vaguely aware that his thrusts are getting harder and faster, and then suddenly it stops. You are pulled backwards up by your hair and you can faintly see him jerking off right in front of your face

‘Open up wide slut and get your just reward!!!’
Too afraid to do anything else, you obey and open your mouth just in time to receive his cumshot. You gag a bit and clam up, with more of his cum splashing all over your face. He then pulls you over to the table the light is on and takes a photo of your cum drenched face. ‘well slut, I guess that what you get for being such a cocktease he says to you’ then drags you back to the wall and ties you back the way you were when you woke earlier.
‘Try to get some sleep bitch, tomorrow will be a long day for you!!’

Then turns off the light and leaves you hanging in the dark. As you hang there in the dark, crying and body quivering from pain and exhaustion, your will breaks, you know that he’s not going to let you go that he’s going to torture and rape you forever.

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