Teen Co-Ed continues her Dark Journey: Fascination of Ashley

Ashley spied the lit-up neon sign blaring out at her from the right side of the road: “Taco Sombrero!” Briefly checking her blind spot, she smoothly switched lanes, and pulled into the small parking lot, taking place near the front door. As she brought the red Pontiac to a stop, she leaned back in the driver’s seat, and let out a slow sigh, eyes staring up into the car ceiling. She reached up with a slender finger to brush her ever-troublesome bangs out of her face.

God damn. She was still recovering from the scene she had just witnessed in her mom’s bedroom. Ashley shuddered. She was THIS close to being caught. Fuck. What if her mom or Mr. Smith had seen her? Talk about embarrassment.

But what embarrassed Ashley even more, which she could barely admit to herself, was that she LIKED what she saw. Her mom was a beauty — blonde, and petite, yet curvy. Beautiful large breasts with a killer smile and a gentle attitude. Seeing her sexy, hardworking mother get pleasured like that was almost therapeutic. It was corrective to Ashley’s mom, at least, and Mr. Smith, Oh God, Mr. Duane Smith. Ashley knew he was a big muscular guy — she’d seen him work out in gym class and alongside the football team many times. But she didn’t know how, er BIG he was. The man’s cock was so big and black. It almost seemed dangerous, unpredictable. Mysterious. But Mr. Smith certainly knew how to use it. Ashley could still hear the echo of his orgasmic yell in her head, his mating call blaring loud and proud as he dumped spurts of semen into her mom.

Ashley suddenly realized her breath was getting ragged, and her hand had strayed up to her bare thigh near to her red short shorts, just beneath her hips. Suddenly blushing deeply, she mentally shook her head and grabbed her purse, cell phone in hand. She needed to eat something. She was letting this whole thing get to her, and it was making her act funny. Some good ole’ Taco Sombrero always cured her troubles.

Not only that, but Ashley could sometimes snag free food. Her 22-year old cousin Jenna worked at Taco Sombrero, helping to pay her way through college. If the manager wasn’t there, Jenna could usually get away with giving a few free tacos to Ashley. It paid to get along well with your cousins, Ashley thought mischievously. See? The promise of tacos was already working some magic on her.

A jingle sounded as Ashley went in through the door, drawing attention to her entry. Sure enough, Jenna was behind the counter, working away on the preparation of taco ingredients out in the service line. She looked up at Ashley, locking eyes for a moment before breaking out in a grin.”Hey, girl! Good to see you!”

Ashley smiled back. “Heeeyyy!” (The long “hey” was their thing, by the way.) “Good to see you, too, girlie!”

Ash’s flip-flops slapped loudly as she strode up to the register where Jenna was working. Not many customers were in the store at the moment, giving her cousin some breathing room to stop and chat. Jenna looked at Ashley expectantly; it had been at least a month since they last saw each other. “Whatcha up to, Ash? How are you?”

Ashley opened her mouth silently for a moment, taking in a short breath. Oh God, if only you knew, she thought weakly. She crossed her legs over each other with slight apprehension, leaning over to place one hand on the counter while her toes on one foot fiddled with her sandal strap. “Kind of bummed,” she replied. “I was supposed to go see my dad today, but it… fell apart, so I’m just back here at home.” Ashley decided to pay her dad the respect of keeping his DUI under wraps for now.

Jenna made a slight pouting face. “Aww, I’m sorry to hear it. So, you’re just hanging out at home for the weekend?” Ashley nodded in response with a meek smile. “Yep, no major plans. But I was suuuuuper hungry, so here I am.” She leaned over a bit, and hung her head at the word “super,” purposefully exaggerating the desperate emotion of the statement.

Jenna laughed and gestured at her cousin, playfully. “Lol! Oh, girl, let’s get you something.”

Taking a moment to pick out her selection, Ashley ordered a few tacos of different varieties and stood at the service line while Jenna picked out the ingredients for Ashley’s long-awaited meal, chatting idly about gossip, and other small talks, the lilting sound of female chatter, and laughter echoing quietly in the mostly-empty Taqueria.

As Jenna prepared her food and chatted, Ashley looked over her cousin. Like her mom, Ashley had always thought of her slightly older cousin as very beautiful. Blonde, like herself, Jenna had long hair down to the small of her back, which was currently tied into a loose bun poking out from under her Taco Sombrero ball cap. Jenna wasn’t as thin as Ashley, but she was definitely… what was the term Ashley had heard? “Pleasantly plump”? Yeah. Jenna was much curvier, but not fat., and her boobs!… Ashley’s eyes looked down as she let out mindless Uh-huh’s, and Yeah’s to Jenna’s ongoing discussion.

Phew. Ashley had always been deeply envious of Jenna’s rack — large, full, and firm. Her boobs were gigantic, without being TOO big or saggy. There were women out there who could pay thousands of dollars for boob-jobs, and still not come out not looking as hot in the chest as her cousin.

Ashley stood on her toes a little as she looked downward at the ingredients, also taking a quick look at the lower part of her cousin hidden behind the counter. Ashley had seen Jenna in a swimsuit many times, the most recent being a few months ago. As Ashley said, she was pleasantly plump with a little bit of chub around the belly, but not much. Not enough for any folds, just pleasant roundness. Same with her legs — nothing in the way of cellulite, but still round and firm.

Ashley watched as Jenna turned around for a moment to heat a tortilla in the press, bending over slightly to grab a tortilla from the cabinet on the floor. Ashley was floored, as always — that ASS. Jenna’s booty was incredibly round, large, and firm. Her booty strained so tightly against the denim jeans she was wearing that it looked like the pants were ready to rip clean off at any second, Jenna’s luscious creamy booty bouncing out with glee toward the light of day. Now THAT was a thought.

“…., and so, I was like, no way. I am so not going to do that.” Jenna returned, finishing her idle conversation as she brought up Ashley’s tray of food. Jenna gave her cousin a quick wink. “No charge, cuz.” She smiled coyly as Ashley returned the expression. “Thanks, cuz,” Ash said with a laugh.

As Ashley started to turn away, she heard a quick sound pipe out of Jenna. “Oh! Ashley!” Ashley looked back quizzically to see Jenna’s eyes looking past her, into the parking lot. “Hey, I didn’t mention this, but I’m dating someone now.” Jenna looked over at her with happiness in her eyes. Ashley made a surprised grin. “Ohhhhh?” she cooed with a melody, “Who? Do I know him?” Jenna had been single for a few months after a nasty breakup with her last boyfriend, who was kind of a douche (so Ashley thought).

Jenna gave Ashley a questioning look. “Hmmm, maybe. Darius Robinson?” Her smile was beaming. A confused look came over Ashley as she wracked her brain for a moment. Darius? She had no idea. She’d never heard of a Darius., and that was kind of a strange name.

Jenna returned her gaze to just back over Ashley’s shoulder. “Well, here’s here!” Jenna exclaimed with an excited lilt, practically skipping from behind the counter back toward the Tacquiera door. Ashley interestedly turned her head to follow her bouncing cousin. With a jingle, the front door opened as a guy entered.

The sight almost made Ashley drop her tray. Oh. God.

“Heeeyyy, their boyfriend,” Jenna cooed flirtatiously as she approached the new entrant to the restaurant. A deep voice sounded in response with a brief laugh. “Hey, girl. C’mere.” At the door was standing a very tall, and very built black guy. He was huge, had to be over 6 feet tall. He was wearing workout clothing — a tank top that displayed two stacked, and chiseled arms, alongside workout pants, and running shoes. His skin was the color of deep mocha, very smooth and consistent throughout. It brought out the brightness of his white teeth, his handsome smile beaming out at the small white girl headed his way.

This floored Ashley. “Ag-again?” She thought to herself with a stutter.

Jenna wasted no time in skipping up to her black hunk and throwing herself into his arms, her boobs smashing up tightly against his abdomen. Like clockwork, his hands reached down with long fingers spreading out over her large ass, gripping her comfortably. Craning her head upward, Jenna closed her eyes as Darius brought his large lips down to meet hers, a loud smacking sound echoing as the interracial couple purred together quietly. Breaking the kiss, Jenna looked up at her black boyfriend, her large blue eyes sparkling with attraction. “Hey, this is my cousin Ashley,” she said happily, gesturing toward the slim girl holding the tray full of food.

Ashley stood nervously as the large black male turned toward her with a friendly smile. “Ah, hey Ashley,” Darius’ deep voice purred, “I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s nice to meet you finally.”

Ashley opened her mouth with a momentary sputter. His smile was beaming at her brightly. The muscles in his arms were bulging as he placed his hands on his hips confidently.

Damn, he was so hot.

Ashley realized the small unintelligible noise she had just made, and blushed momentarily, quickly recollecting herself. “Hi Darius, it’s so nice to meet you!” Ashley tilted her head cutely and shot a lovely grin to her cousin’s attractive black boyfriend. She studied his face for a moment but was sure she’d never met him.

Jenna put her arm around Darius’ waist as she looked back up at her stud with a broad smile. “Yeah, Darius, and I met at a party a few weeks ago downtown. He plays basketball for State University, and the whole team was at the party.”

She giggled as Darius smiled down at her, picking up where she left off. “Yeah, I saw her walk in wearing that dress, and it KILLED me.” Darius laughed, tugging Jenna in tightly at his side. “I knew I had to get her number, and it just went from there.”

Jenna looked back up at Darius, locking eyes with the tall black guy. As Ashley watched, she saw the sparkling in her cousin’s blue eyes, the look returned by Darius.

There was no question; this couple had a deep, magical attraction to each other. Her creamy white cousin was the yin to Darius’s deep-black yang. It was so… interesting.

Ashley exhaled as she gave out a forced smile. “OK, well, it’s so nice to meet you! I need to, uh…” Ashley was trying to think of how to get out of this situation. She needed just to sit down. “….um, eat these tacos.” She gestured with the tray while cocking her head, a sandal making a flopping sound as her bare foot toyed with it.

Jenna and Darius shared a laugh. “OK, gotcha,” Darius uttered smoothly. “Nice to meet you, Ashley.” Jenna looked at Ashley with bright eyes. “I’ll leave you to lunch. Bye, girlie!” She gave a small wave with a smile. Ashley smiled back. “Bye!”

As Ashley made her way to her table, she looked back over at the couple as they walked toward the register. Jenna trotted along in front of Darius, her luscious denim-covered booty swaying rhythmically with each step. Jenna chuckled, saying something inaudible to Darius from over her shoulder. In response, Darius took one enormous black hand, and struck Jenna powerfully on the booty with loud SMACK! Ashley jumped at the sound as Jenna gave a loud squeal, leaping slightly before breaking out into bubbly laughter. The few other customers in the shop turned briefly as well, watching as the young black male followed his snowbunny up to her spot at the cash register. Ashley turned back toward her table with astonishment, setting her tray down. Wow. That sounded like it hurt, although Jenna took it like a champ.

Suddenly, a vision. Jenna sprawled out, face down on the bed, totally naked. Luscious mounds of ass pointing upward, a small mountain range across her backside. From out of the darkness, a large black figure with an outstretched hand. SMACK! Jenna’s booty jiggling healthily, her cousin blurting out a loud, and pleasured “OOOOOooooo!” at the sound, faded marks of red appearing where the large black handmade it’s landing.

Ashley mentally shook her head again with great vigor and closed her eyes for a moment while taking a deep breath. She pulled out the chair, gently placing herself down while pulling the tray toward her. She grabbed a chicken burrito, taking a bit and chewing pensively while crossing her long ivory legs over each other, sandal barely dangling off her raised foot.

Today had been full of surprises. First, her dad got picked up for DUI — not a surprise and but certainly not expected at the time. Then — far more mind-shakingly surprising — she caught her mom having sex with the studly black football coach. That was a shock. Ashley still wondered how long that had been going on; there had been zero indication that the two even knew each other, much less were having hot sex in her apartment. Then there’s Jenna and Darius, whom she just met…

Ashley furrowed her brow a little bit. She didn’t want to seem racist (even though it’s not like anyone was watching her thoughts). She’d been a little shocked to see Jenna with Darius — big, bold, black Darius. There was just such a contrast. Jenna was short-ish — about 5 foot 5 inches — with long blonde hair, enormous tits, and ass, and smooth white skin that could make a china doll jealous.
Meanwhile, Darius was huge, ripped, and deep black. He wasn’t ghetto or thuggish, but he distinctly radiated that mysterious aura of “blackness” that was often possessed by confident black men. It was just different enough to be something entirely new for Ashley.

Ashley thought on Darius for a moment. He seemed like a nice guy. She wondered what he must be studying at school. She didn’t know him very well, but he seemed like he had a good grip on himself. He stood with such confidence and had looked Ashley directly in the eye — which was slightly unnerving, although not in a threatening way. Just in a… very straightforward way.

And that booty smack what had THAT been about? Without perceiving it directly, Ashley shuddered with slight goosebumps as the sound and image replayed in her head. It seemed like Darius had some kind of power over Jenna, a powerful and suggestive influence. The idea made Ashley’s toes fidget together madly in apprehensive thought.


Jenna inspected her eyes closed in the small compact mirror, looking at the edges of her makeup with satisfaction. Looking good, she thought with a smile, snapping the small cosmetic container shut. Laughter echoed in the car as Jenna’s friends carried on in the merry conversation, some in the backseat already feeling a bit tipsy from pre-game action back at the apartment of Jenna, and her roommates. They were headed to a party being held at a large house just off campus, a large mansion-like home that Jenna frequently passed going to and from school.

The car sounded with frequent high-pitched hollers of “Wooo!” and “Yeah!” as the car of college-age females made its way to their destination. Jenna laughed and carried on alongside her friends, having the time of their life. She had been looking forward to this party for days, busting out her sexiest, flirtiest short dress and high heels. She reached back and flicked her long blonde curls out of her face, leaning forward briefly in doubled-over laughter at a friend’s hilarious comment as her ample cleavage rested on her knees. Her breasts were practically spilling out of her plunging neckline, the healthy curve bursting forth from the thin burgundy material of the dress as if ready to pop out at any moment. Her hemline rode high on her leg, revealing an unbelievably teasing amount of skin from her hip down to her sexy high-heels. Jenna had pulled out all the stops in preparation for this event.

The large SUV pulled up just down the street from the house, finding an open spot on the packed street. Shutting off the ignition, the sound of loud rap music blared toward them as the car doors opened, the finely dressed girls exiting the car in a thoroughly laugh-filled, intoxicated, and disorderly manner. Jenna playfully locked arms with a few of her girlfriends, their heels clacking loudly as they made their way toward the large house party. The house shone brightly in front of them, the sounds of loud rap music, and a dull crowd roar peppered with shouts and laughter booming toward them.

This was a large enough party that nobody even bothered to TRY keeping track of who was coming and going. The front lawn was filled with young people — a few idiots already passed out along the sidewalk, having gone too hard, too early. Others were standing in groups on the lawn, partying, and chatting together away from the loud music, and fervent dancing going on inside.

Walking together proudly down the sidewalk, Jenna made her way up the stoop steps, and through the front door, the sight of a pulsating, writhing crowd of college students meeting the eye. Jenna stood in awe for a moment; there had to be hundreds of people here. Girls, shaking booty in short dresses, and heels; Guys, mostly dressed nice, and most trying to get a piece of some shaking booty. Lil Wayne blared over the massive sound system, the deep bassline seemingly causing the whole house to shake in unison with the music.

Wasting no time, Jenna and her friends made their way to the kitchen, alcohol central., and whoever was throwing this party (Jenna had no clue), they had spared no expense on the selection. A huge amount of beer was stacked in one corner alongside the requisite keg. On the counter, an array of hard liquors, and soda lined up for the taking. Eyes glittering with the promise of jack, and coke, Jenna grabbed a few dollars out of her purse, and threw them into the large basket of cash on a nearby table; “Your fucking donations are accepted,” someone had scrawled crudely onto a piece of paper taped to the basket. Jenna smiled with a snort at sight. Getting their drinks together, Jenna’s posse made their way to the dance floor.

This was the sort of party that Jenna lived for. The music was loud, seeming to shake your very soul. She couldn’t help but twerk to the beat of the rap music, feeling her body respond to the music in subconscious ways that she could barely control. Sipping her drink alongside her friends, they danced together in a small group, dipping their toes in slowly as the sweaty crowd closed in around them.

Jenna finished her drink quickly. The music was blasting loudly, a pulsating bass beat booming through the air. Jenna’s movements took on a very deliberate tone, gyrating her hips, and getting low with each arc of rhythm. As was expected, different boys would come up intermittently, and begin grinding on her, a few of the braver ones (but perhaps more stupid) even placing their hands on her hips. Depending on how she felt, she might do them a favor and give them a few grinds before pushing away a little bit. One or two boys offered to get her a drink, which she rewarded with a few grinds of her huge booty before moving on. One idiot who immediately began feeling her up received a quick elbow to the chest, his beer spilling onto his shirt. Jenna looked back at the backward-hat wearing dweeb, giving a dirty look to his shocked face before pushing away in the crowd back into her group of friends. Some guys could be such pigs.

Jenna was careful to pace herself, and had no intention to get shitfaced — but she liked getting tipsy. Before long, she was swaying broadly to the beat, clearly losing herself in the music as her blonde curls bounced around her back. She was having so much fun! God, she loved this. Music, drinks, good times with friends. She smiled to herself warmly, feeling increasingly fuzzy on the inside.