I love the warmth of her body. The delicate and delicious curves that leads me to my favorite places. The way she taste when I find them and devour them in a moment’s notice.

The way she shakes after I do and how I get to hold her while she does, whispering how beautiful she is in her ear, until she finds peace in my arms.

I’m addicted to that raw attraction. How we’ve been together for four years and she still puts hearts in my eyes and makes my blood rush with excitement. I love that magnetic energy when I simply have to remove her clothes and use her body for my pleasure.

I’m attracted to the whole of her. From her intelligent wit to her tasty and beautiful body that makes me hard and rattles the beast awake inside of me. That raw attraction is something I’m grateful for everytime we fuck like wild animals, feasting on each other’s flesh and being left exhausted and feeling perfect in it’s wake.