It’s there in that moment of uncertainty. When your confidence feels low and it seems as if the current of life is rushing against you and you’re just trying to hold on. It’s when everything feels wrong and yet you believe everything is going to be alright, so you push on, that’s strength.

Strength shows itself when you are tested. When it seems there’s a new challenge around every corner. Strength is built by the ability to overcome pain. To fight through that moment when you just want to give up and go home, but you don’t, because your will to manifest that which you seek is greater than the resistance you face. That’s strength.

Strong chain concept connected as two different tree trunks tied and linked together as an unbreakable chain as a trust and faith metaphor for dependence and reliance on a trusted partner for support and strength.

Strength isn’t measured in muscles or any type of physical prowess. Strength is measured in the fortitude to persevere when you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. Strength shows itself when you need it most. It isn’t loud or proud. It’s humble and powerful. A quiet storm that can’t be stopped.

Don’t worry about always having to be strong, just give yourself the tools to build up an inner strength that will reveal itself when you’re feeling anything but, strong.