The ABC’s Of This Dominant

I decided to stay with the ABC theme but think of a word for each letter that I believe a dominant should be or do.

1. Anchor – A dominant is their submissive’s anchor to hold them in place during life’s storms but never to pull them down.

2. Beacon – Provide a guiding beacon to lead your submissive through their dark nights.

3. Character – Be of strong character and endeavor to make the correct choices in life, especially when they are hard ones.

4. Determination – Use grit and determination to achieve in life because the best things in life are never easy.

5. Error – Mistakes happen in life and when they happen admit and own your errors.

6. Flawed – We are all flawed. Learn, accept and embrace those that you have.

7. Guide – Be your submissive’s guide through the ‘wilds’ of life.

8. Healthy – Always strive to keep your mind and body healthy.

9. Improvement – Never stop learning and growing. Self-improvement is a lifelong process.

10. Joke – Life is going to kill you, so laugh and do your best to enjoy the ride.

11. Keep – Keep your love ones safe.

12. Love – Do not fear love. Sometimes the flame of love will burn and other times it will warm your soul during the coldest of times.

13. Make a difference – Do not just make a difference in your submissive’s life and also do what you can to make the world a better place.

14. Nurture – Nurture your submissive as they grow and achieve their dreams.

15. Openness – Be open-minded and emotionally open.

16. People – Surround yourself with good people and do not be afraid to dismiss those who conflict with this.

17. Quiet – You learn more from listening than talking so know when to be quiet and listen.

18. Resilient – Life does not always go according to plan and when you hit a snag switch to plan B and keep moving forward.

19. Self-forgiveness – Learn from and forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past because life is better when you can not only forgive others but yourself as well.

20. Trust – Place trust in others, especially in your submissive. Trust, like love, can burn but to be trusted, you must give trust.

21. Unique – Everyone is unique and always be yourself rather than what others wish/expect you to be.

22. Vulnerable – Allow yourself to be vulnerable with those you love.

23. Wise – We grow wise by learning the wisdom of others, so soak up as much as you can every chance you have.

24. XO – Always hug your friends, family, and partner and never miss the chance to tell them you love them.

25. Youthful – Approach life with the zest of youth and never be too old to learn a new trick.

26. Zealous – Make sure that you give your best effort in all that you.