“You’re late!” He told her crossly and before she could say anything he took her by the arm to a room on the ground floor and opened the door. “You can get ready in there don’t take all night.” He said closing the door behind him as he left. She was a little angry, he hadn’t let her explain about the traffic, and he had not greeted her like she had hoped and now he had plans but had neglected to tell her about them. Suddenly a growling brought her out of her musing and she looked up to see a big Rottweiler. She threw herself back against the wall as this gigantic beast trotted over sniffed her than sat, his tail wagging a mile a minute.

“Where did you come from?” She asked. Her Master did not own a dog, but he must know it’s in here, the only way in is through the door and why would he have her get ready down here when normally she gets ready in the bedroom. Then she felt her heart beating fast and her breath caught in her throat. ‘No! He would not do this to me?’ She screamed in her mind. But only a few weeks ago he had asked her to get something off his computer and she had seen a story of this type, that he had not closed, she had been too embarrassed to say anything.

Yes he would, he is a bastard like that!’ Her mind screamed at her, he loved making her do depraved and obscene things that he knew she would hate the idea of. She suddenly blushed as she admitted to herself that she often enjoyed them. This was different though, he had never gone this far before, she could not go through with this. She started to worry, what could she do? If she just point blank refused he would take her collar away, she had promised when he gave it to her to obey him no matter what. She never thought it would lead to this. Maybe she was getting it wrong! She looked and sure enough it was a male dog. ‘Oh god so now what I do? He said to get ready, but how? What am I supposed to do?’ Then she felt stupid as her trembling hands began to remove articles of her clothing until she was standing naked before this beast.

Her whole body was shaking by now, but as much as her mind was screaming no, her body was betraying her by becoming excited, her cunt now dripping wet. It responded to her Master like no man before him, he made her into a complete slut. She was used to being treated as a fuck toy, used to having strange men and women touching her, fucking her for her Masters pleasure. Now with just the thought that he was planning something depraved again instantly made her wet. He had trained her well. “But this is different and I can’t do it!” She wailed aloud as tears began to fall and huge sobs racked her body. ‘If I beg and plead maybe he won’t make me do this!’ She thought but she knew better than that. It wouldn’t work with him, it never did. She looked at the dog again his tail still wagging his head cocked to one side and she could have sworn she heard what it was thinking.

‘Cry all you want to I am going to make you my bitch.’
“No! This can’t be happening!’ She cried, yet she could feel her cunt getting wetter in preparation to do her Masters bidding. ‘This is wrong, I can’t do it I won’t do it!’ But she was a slave, she had found the man that could take and own everything she was. She had no safe word, no limits, save his. Then she slumped in defeat, knowing she would do it. If this was what her Master desired she would do it, she would do anything for him no matter how depraved, no matter how obscene, no matter how hard her mind rebelled against the idea. She was a slave, she was his slave..

Suddenly the door opened and her Master popped his head in. “Why aren’t you dressed? We have to leave in a few moments the dress is in a box over there now hurry up.” She was speechless her mind in confusion and the only thing she could say was.

“Master the dog.”

“Oh yes I completely forgot about him, he belongs to a neighbor, I am looking after him for a few days. Don’t let him bother you, he is a big softy really, now hurry up and get dressed!” With that he left and closed the door. She suddenly burst out laughing relief flooding through her body. Then her cheeks glowed red from embarrassment at how her body responded to the thought of her Master doing something depraved with her body again even something she found so abhorrent. She opened the box containing the dress and danced around the room in excitement. It was the one she had told him she wanted to buy and she slid it on, it fit perfectly. Then patting the dog she rushed out of the room.

They were in the car, her Master driving them to the restaurant though neither was really talking. Her mind wandered to the misunderstanding and again she blushed at the thought of how her body had responded and at how she had given in knowing she would do anything her Master asked of her. He was the perfect man, meticulous in everything he did, he never forgot anything. ‘Wait a minute! He said he forgot about the dog! And that story left open on his computer he never left anything open! And why put the dress in that room? I always get ready in the bedroom!’ She turned her head to see her Master, his eyes focusing on the road but he had that wicked grin he always wore when he had done something successfully. She leaned back in the seat and sighed, resigned to the fact he had done it to her again.

“Master?” She said.
“Yes slave?”
“You’re a complete bastard Sir.”
“I know.” He replied and she could have sworn his grin had gotten broader.