The plane finally touched down after many hours and here I was, New York City, the Big Apple. It wasn’t my first visit by any means, but this one was special. I was finally going to meet Amy. I had met her on the internet nearly a year ago and found that we clicked straight away. We both fought these feelings that were developing between us, because of the distance involved, and we both agreed long distance relationships are always hard to maintain. The more we fought against our feelings however, the closer we became. So now at long last, after many months of teasing and preparing her, I was going to get to meet her, and I had a lot of wicked fun planned.

She had been banned from having an orgasm for the last month, now add that to the fact that I have been playing with her mind online, and driving her crazy during all this time, and you can imagine the state she was in. But she still had 12 hours of torture to endure, and all because of a bet we had made. The rules were simple, except for an initial kiss I was not allowed to touch her for the full twelve hours in which time she had to make me blush. If she succeeds in making me blush she wins the bet. Now her part of the bet was that she was not allowed to touch herself sexually or to climax because of said touching. I did stipulate that she could cum without touching; I didn’t want to ruin all my fun. But if she was caught trying to relieve herself sexually or she fails to make me blush then she loses. The loser has to pay a forfeit and we agreed that they would have to go out that night dressed however the winner says. She had already told me if it were me, then I go out in drag, I smiled, she could be standing in the airport naked, and it wouldn’t make me blush, in fact I would get a big kick out of it. Besides I had no intention of losing this bet, I would make one ugly looking woman. I planned to make her crazy with desire and maybe make her cum by talking her into it for I knew if I can get into a woman’s head, I did not need to touch to make them orgasm, and I knew I was already in hers.

The baggage hall, how I hated this part of the journey, it always seems to take forever, and my bags always seemed to be the last ones out. But even worse was the fact I had been over 8 hours with out a cigarette and I was ready to kill anyone who got in my way. Finally they appeared and I pushed my way through the crowd of other passengers now waiting for their luggage, and I made my way towards customs. “Hell, more queues,” I moaned. “I mustn’t think of cigarettes think of meeting Amy, she is standing out there waiting for you.” My mind drifted to the bet again; if she managed to make me blush I would have to go out that night dressed in drag. If there is one thing I know and that is I would make one ugly woman. But I had my plan to make sure she didn’t win and my prize was that she would go out dressed exactly as I said. I wasn’t even aware of the queue moving but before I knew it I was standing in front of a man who was stamping my passport, asking me some vague questions I hardly understood. I was hoping he wasn’t going to look into my hand luggage, as it was my toy bag, not because it would have embarrassed me far from it, but I needed a cigarette, bad, so I nodded dumbly to each question he asked. Then I was through.

As I emerged out of the customs area, I saw her, she was looking on nervously, I had dressed as I always did, all in black, long black trench coat and cowboy boots, and I could see her face light up as soon as she saw me. Amy came over to me, her face slightly flushed. “Kevin.” She said smiling. I looked at her, not saying a word. “Sir,” she added quickly, knowing what my look meant.

That is why we clicked even on the internet she seemed to sense what I required.
“Hello Amy.” I said. I didn’t move to kiss her hello. “Let’s go have a cigarette.” She turned away disappointed leading me to the exit and I followed her. As soon as we were out of the airport I lit up drawing deeply on the cigarette. “Damn I am going to have to give these things up.” I said. I hated anything having control over me and cigarettes did much to my regret. We stood in silence, as we smoked, and I looked at her closely comparing her in the flesh to the photos she had sent me. She looked like her pictures long blond hair blue eyes, thick pouting lips and athletic body I could not help but admire her.

When we finally put out our cigarettes, she made a motion to go but I reached out grabbing her and pulled her to me. “Now I am in the right frame of mind for this.” I whispered and crushed my lips to hers. She groaned, and nearly melted in my arms, as my tongue probed into her mouth, my hand reached up pulling on hair then I took her bottom lip between my teeth pulling on it.

She moaned, as she held onto me, “I have waited a long time for this.” I whispered.
“Oh so have I,” she said back leaning into me.”

She reached up to kiss me again but I backed away.
“No one kiss is all I am allowed remember?” I said smiling. Her look turned to one of anger, as she walked pass me leading the way to her car.
“Prick”, I heard her mumble.
“What was that?” I asked pretending not to hear.
“Oh nothing sir.” She replied hurrying on.

I had told her to go to the hotel so I could get a shower and cleaned up before we did anything.

The room wasn’t much but it didn’t need to be, only clean and comfortable. There were two twin beds, as I put my bags down. I opened my most important bag first, the toy bag, and lovingly pulled them out one by one. Amy licked her lips as see watched me, lay them on the dresser. “I make nearly all my own toys,” I told her then went on and explained them to Amy. I saw haw her fidgeting and I smiled, I knew my explanations would get to her. Amy had waited so long to feel my toys but I planned to make her suffer first.

Then I took off my coat, and started to unbutton my shirt.
“Sir you’re not going to undress here are you?” Amy asked shocked.
“Of course you don’t expect me to take a shower fully clothed do you?
“No, sir but it’s not fair, you should get undressed in the bathroom.”
“Fair, Dom, isn’t that an oxymoron?” I said, laughing. “No the bathroom is too small, if you don’t want to see just close your eyes.”

Amy growled but she did close them, and I continued to undress until finally standing there naked, I pulled out my shampoo. “You know Amy, this time I wash myself, but next time I expect you to bath me.” Amy opened her eyes, seeing me naked what ever she was going to say stuck in her throat, and she let out an audible moan. I smiled at her, turned and walked into the bathroom.

I emerged a good 20 minutes later, body wet from the shower, I dried off with a towel, feeling Amy’s eyes upon me.
“Sir, what about this bet its silly, let’s call it off and just call it a tie?” I laughed aloud, as I started getting dressed.
“Oh no you made the bet you have to see it through.” I leaned across the bed still half-naked. “Don’t you think I want jump on you and fuck you till you beg me to stop?” I whispered. “But we made our bed and will just have to lie in it.” I got up and started dressing again.

“Bastard.” She mumbled. Again I pretended not to hear, and got ready to go out on the town. “Where shall we go sir?” Amy asked.
“I would like to go to the Empire States Building.” I replied.
“Oh no, no way, no sight seeing I told you that.” I had told Amy some of the things I planned during sight seeing trips, she said it was impossible for me to make her orgasm without touching her and I had always said fine we will see and now faced with the possibility the thought of sight seeing had unnerved her.
“No?” I said looking at her.
“Um not no, but Sir, that not fair!” Again I looked at her. “Ok, bad choice of words, but I know what you plan, can’t we just go to a café or something?” I didn’t say a word and just looked at her. “Ok, ok the Empire States Building, but Sir I am not going to cum. Not in public, we will get arrested.”

“I didn’t say you had to cum, did I? For these 12 hours it is entirely up to you, as long as you do it with out touching yourself.”

We got a cab to take us to the Empire States Building, Amy was holding onto my arm as we went up by lift. I was telling her how my Grandfather had worked on this building when it was being built. The lift doors opened, and we stepped out on to the observation platform.

There weren’t many people about being the time of year, and we walked over to look at the views. “MMMM.” I said. “Pardon Sir?”
“Oh nothing just that being up here makes me very horny.”
“Sir! Stop that!”
“Stop what?” I asked pretending innocents.
“You know!”
“Oh you want me to stop feeling horny, to stop wanting to feel my hard cock deep inside you, taking you, to feel your hot pussy, engulfing me.”
“Sir no, stop it!”
“To feel our flesh touching, that little electrical spark we will feel, to hear your moans, your sighs of pleasure as my cock rams into your pussy.”

I leaned in careful not to touch her as I whispered in her ear, letting my hot breath blow along the nape of her neck.
“Sir, please no more!” she asked shivering, knowing my words were getting to her.
“Oh Amy I want to hear you cum for me, I want to know I caused your pleasure, think soon my cock will be deep inside you taking, making you mine. I want to lick and bite every inch of your body I want to taste you, smell you. I want you to feel my weight bearing down on you.” Amy started to visibly shake. “That’s right, feel me so close to you yet not touching you. Close your eyes and feel my cock inside you, inside your pussy, inside your mouth.” Amy reached around and held on burying her head into my chest, but I refused to take her into my arms, she was touching me not I her. “Yes love, I want to totally posses you, to control you. I want to bend you to my will, see you submit to me.” She cried out, trying hard to fight against what I was doing to her. “Now is the time, you must cum for me, here on top of the world, NOW cum for me.” Amy groaned out loud then buried her face in me to muffle the sound as she cried out her release.

All these months of my preparing her, all these weeks with out release boiled up leaving her body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. I held on to her, until she had her passion had subsided.
“Bastard!” she said looking up at me.
“Moi.” I answered pretending not to know what she was talking about.
“Yes you, you said it was up to me if I came, yet you made me cum here.”
“And so it was my love, but it was your choice, you didn’t have to do as I asked; you could have walked away from me. You chose to stay, and by the way Amy, that is bastard Sir, to you.”

We went from there to a café and sat drinking coffee, I talked and talked, about England, about Europe, and Amy sat listening, her anger slowly dissipating.

“Where to next?” She asked.
“The Statue of Liberty.” I said. She looked at me hard.
“Ok Sir, but if we go there you have to promise you will not make me cum there.”
“But Amy it is entirely up to you if you cum, I will not touch you.”
“Promise me sir or we don’t go!”
“Then you have my promise, I will not make you cum at the Statue of Liberty. She looked at me, trying to see if I was lying to her, but having satisfied herself we headed off. The ferry journey was nice if uneventful, she was doing her best to keep me at arms length, I knew she had a plan to make me blush, when she thought to implement it I had no idea, or what she planned to do. We arrived at the statue, climbed the stairs saw the views.

Amy kept looking at me expecting me to try something, but all I would do is talk about the views. Soon we left, and got back on the ferry. As the boat headed out, I took Amy out to the bow of ship, doing a sort of titanic thing, moving up behind her standing close but not touching. “Did I tell you how boats make me feel?” I asked.
“Sir you promised!” Amy protested.
“Promised what?” I asked innocently.
“That you wouldn’t try and make me cum again.”
“No I promised you I would not make you cum at the Statue of Liberty, we are not there, we are on the ferry, and it’s true, how much I want to take you, how much I want to be inside you.”
“Oh Kevin, it’s not fair I want you so much it hurts, we still have nearly 7 hours to go, and you just keep torturing me so.”
“That is true, I wish we could just go back to the hotel, so I could play with your body, let you feel my toys then take you, ram my hard cock into your pussy, pulling your hair back hearing your moans and screams.” Amy moaned aloud, then looked at me her wanting almost desperate.
“Then call this fucking bet off!” she said.
“No love I can not do that, I told you I am a Master, I need control as I need air. If it takes another 7 hours then so be it, but I do so want you, feel your limbs wrapped around me as I thrust into you. Long slow hard thrusts, as our bodies meld into one. Your skin so sensitive from our play, the feel of the floggers, the sting of the canes, the thud of the paddles making your body burn and my cock taking you, using you Cum for me Amy, feel me.” I could see her biting her bottom lip as my words were having their desired effect. “My lips kissing your body, I want to take you so hard, the pain turning into pleasures you have never dreamed of. Cum for me, cum for me NOW slut.” Amy gasped as her orgasm hit her; she crushed herself into me, her body shivering.

“It’s not fair,” she sobbed. “I can not go on, what do I have to do to get this bet over with?”
“Easy love, just admit defeat.” Amy looked into my eyes, biting on her bottom lip again, pride battling with desire and her resolve melting, knowing her decision could mean 7 more hours of torture or bliss.
“Ok you win Sir, I give in.” With those words I crushed her lips to mine, free of the rule of not touching, we kissed; we felt each others wanting, as the ferry took us to shore. We grabbed a cab to take us to the hotel.
“Pity,” I said “It wasn’t a London cab, would have room to fuck you with my fingers.” This made Amy gasp again as she kissed me.

We arrived in the hotel, and the first thing Amy did was to start ripping at my clothes, as I laughed and pushed her back. “Patience love, now strip for me.” She looked at me then started taking her clothes off; I watched for a while then continued to take mine off. Naked in front of each other I moved towards her.
“Oh no Sir, you may have won that bet, but you have a promise to fulfill. I smiled as she dropped to her knees, gently taking my cock in her hands she licked up the shaft, and gently caressed the balls. I moaned, the excitement mounting as her mouth covered my cock head, her tongue stud, driving me crazy. It was another bet that she could make me cum within 20 minutes but I was determined not too, no matter, but she was so good, I fought it all the way, I came so close, but just managed to draw it back.

As soon as the time was up, Amy let go of my cock, her look was one of disappointment, I hugged her.
“Don’t be upset, I will cum in your mouth later but for the first time I want to cum deep in side you. I bent Amy over the bed, and took my hard cock rubbing the head up and down her slit; she tried to step back, to engulf me, but I moved away, and then went back to teasing her slit again. “Do you want me?”
“You know I do. Please know I am desperate.”
“Then beg me for it.” Amy was quiet, for a few moments, my cock still teasing.
“Sir I told I can’t beg.”
“Then you don’t really want me, this need is all a sham.”
“God sir you are a bastard!”
“That is true, but you do not get my cock inside you till you beg me.” Amy whimpered her pussy flooding, wanting to feel my cock.
“Please sir I need it so bad.”
“No, I want to hear it.” Amy growled with frustration, but I knew if I let her win her respect for me would wane, She wanted, no she needed a man to totally control her.
“Alright, sir I am begging you please fuck me now!” With that I pulled back her head by her hair and with one quick thrust pushed the entire length of my cock inside her. I held it still, enjoying the feel of her around me.
“Can you feel me?” I yelled out.
“Yes sir, I feel you.” She whimpered.
“Can you feel my cock buried deep in your pussy?”
“God yes sir, I can.”

I started to pull out, then pushed hard into her again, slowly but hard, letting her feel my shaft run along her clit. I started to speed up, still pulling her hair; her cries were one of desperation, needing it, wanting more. I raised my other hand to bring it hard down across her arse, she yelped surprised, the skin started to turn red and I could feel the heat emitting from where I slapped and she started to purr, as again I slapped.

The combination of pain and pleasure was driving her towards the edge. Harder, faster I fucked her, her arse now glowing a lovely red, as she yelled out.
“Please sir I need to cum, can I cum?”
“No!” I replied. “Hold it.” Then I fucked her harder.
“Sir, I don’t think I can sir, please, please.”
“No.” I yelled louder fucking her harder than ever.
“Sir I am begging you let me cum!” I smiled hearing these words.
“Cum for me NOW!” I yelled and Amy screamed.
“Kevin!” bucking up against me she came, every nerve in her body exploding.
“Keep cumming, I haven’t told you can stop!” I yelled out riding, her, holding her head back to hear her cries. She kept climaxing the floodgates once open now wouldn’t close. “Ready for my seed?” I asked her.
“Oh god yes sir cum for me, cum for me now, I need it.” With that I roared, my cock shooting hot seed deep within her. Amy yelled out even harder as orgasm after orgasm washed over her and she collapsed.

Sated we lie in each other arms, kissing. Lighting up a cigarette I asked. “Amy, how had you planned to make me blush?” Amy laughed aloud. I looked at her puzzled.
“Nothing sir, for I had already won the bet as soon as we made it. No matter how it turned out I won.” I laughed aloud.
“Nice when both sides can win.” She snuggled into my arms. We lay there for a few moments, and then I said, “Very sneaky, but then you still have to pay the penalty for losing it.”
“Yes so you will dress me up as a slut to go out tonight, that is fine I like dressing up like that.” She replied smugly.
“Slut?” I said surprised. “Who said I was going to make you dress as a slut? The bet was you will go out dressed as I say.”
“Yes sir, but Doms always want us dressed as sluts.” She said starting to get worried.
“I am not most Doms, the clothes you will wear tonight is packed all on its own in that suitcase there.” I said smugly. Amy went over to the suitcase and opened it. Her face turned to one of horror as she pulled out a very pink, a very fluffy bunny rabbit costume.
“You BASTARD!” She snarled.
“That’s Bastard Sir to you,” I replied smiling.

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