“Run,” he whispered. She looked blankly at him across the table for a moment. Her body started to get up and move while her brain became numb. And she ran as fast as she could. She opened the front door and ran. She had no plan. She was just running into the woods of the Canyon that his house was in.

Breathing heavily, she found a place to hide. She could not hear him. She calmed herself down and slowly told herself that he would not hurt her. He is such a gentleman. She walked with a fast pace deeper into the woods. The roads are all too far. Why did she agree to go away with him to this secluded romantic cabin in the middle of nowhere?

It was getting darker now, and a sense of panic came over her. She had been walking for hours. She considered going back to him. Though scared of the dark, and the outdoors, but she feared him even more. They arrived today in the morning, and he has been playing mind games with her all day. Then at dinner, he told her that she was brave to come with him and trusting him like that. He laughed and told her how she was under his mercy now, and he planned to teach her a lesson. He laughed, spiting her, and then his eyes became hard, and he told her to run. He did not even bother barking it at her. He simply whispered it as though she had no choice.

She knew that the village was just a short 15-minute ride by car. She had been walking for hours and no sight of the town. She knew that she was lost. His voice came out from a distance. He sounded menacing. “Come out, come out, wherever you are. I am here to get you.” His voice, his words sent a shiver down her back.

She hid in bushes and hoped it was dark enough for him not to see her. She would not be able to outrun him. She sat, shaking, and trying to stay still at the same time. She could see him coming down the pathway. She made herself small and started to pray. He kept approaching her, and she was terrified. It seemed though that her plan had worked. He passed right in front of her hiding spot without noticing her. She waited until he was no longer heard and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction.

She was lost. It was dark. And she had been running for a long time. She found a cave in the Canyon and hid there. She fell asleep, shaking in fear.

She woke up to him, grabbing her by the hair. Gently telling her that she had gotten him worried. He was glad that she was all right. Now that he had her, he still needs to teach her a lesson, and with one pull, he had his belt in his hand. He wrapped it around her neck so that when she fights him, he could choke her forcing her to comply.

She stopped fighting. She was begging him that she would do whatever he wanted, but he should spare her. He still held her by her hair with the belt pulling on her neck. He pulled her into his arm, and suddenly she could feel his fingers fondling her breasts. His cock was getting harder. He pinched her nipple hard as he pulled the belt in the opposite direction. She screamed. “You can scream as loud as you want to, but no one will hear you. You’re mine”, and as he finished his words, he let go of her nipple, and his fingers were pushing their way between her legs.

He pulled her panties off her with one swift move. Here she was exposed. She was defenseless. And before she could think, his fingers were inside of her. Fucking her cunt. And her body failed her. She was Cumming one after the next. His belt tight around her neck. “Yes, come for me like the whore that you are. Your cunt is so wet. Your whorish cunt can’t help, but cum”. She tried to wiggle, and with one knee over her body, he was fucking her with his fingers, and she started to squirt. She felt shame.

Exhausted, she fell to the ground where he had assaulted her with his hand. He still had her by the belt in his grip. She could hear him unzip his pants. Instinctively, she started to fight him. He slapped her hard across the face. Pushed her face down into the dirt, rubbed her aroused clit with his fingers, and told her, “I’ve dreamed about putting my cock inside of you. I am going to fuck you until you collapse. I bet you never thought your body would expose you like that. Look how wet you are.”

His cock was hard, and he shoved it inside of her. Every time she tried to move her body away, he would bend her towards him, and pull the belt tighter around her neck. She was gasping for air when his cock was all inside of her. His free hand pushing her to the ground. He fucked her hard, and then he stopped. Still inside of her now saddling her, and immobilizing her, he leaned on her with all his weight and gently told her, “you’re so delicious. I am going to fuck you for dessert. But now I am going to show you what kind of whore you are”. She sobbed.

He had a backpack over his back. Kneeling on her back, still holding the belt, he reached inside his bag and got the rope. He started to wrap it around her ankle. She kicked, but he pinned her down and finished wrapping it around both ankles. Then he bent her in a fetal position and started to bind her hands to keep her in that position. Now tied up, she was really exposed. Her dress torn; her privates exposed. He stood over her like he was watching a piece of art under the moonlight. She sobbed quietly.

His hand started undressing her. Exposing as much of her flesh as possible. Her tears just ran down her face, and she begged him to not hurt her. “I would never hurt you, just cooperate with me, and I will never hurt you,” he talked to her like he was her protector, not her rapist. He was patting and stroking her body. So gently, and with such compassion. Her muscles started to relax. He slapped her bottom hard, and she screamed while her body tensed again. Another one and another. She was screaming in pain and trying to squirm. Her bottom was burning now.

He left her piled up on the ground. No longer holding the belt around her neck tightly, just dangling off her neck. He returned with tape that he put on her mouth. “I told you no one can hear you. Stop fighting me. Tonight, I will feast on you. I will fuck you until you are sore”, his fingers entering her again. This time he was gently fucking her, rubbing her clit when he could. Curled up, helpless while he slowly violated her pussy. He sank his teeth inside her shoulder as he started to fuck her hard. Her cunt was gushing, and her body convulsing in one orgasm after the next.

Her body was tired. She could not even stay on all fours. She lay on her side. Crying and panting at the same time. He flipped her on her back and reached next to him. She could see a knife. He cut the rope, but put the blade on her collarbone, and warned her of the consequences of not doing what he says.

He gently pulled her body off the ground. Moved her towards a tree, and went ahead to tie her to a tree. Her hands over her head with the rope around them, and over a branch. Once he had the rope secured on the branch, he gently pulled her to stand up and tied to the tree. He grabbed one of her legs, and bent it behind her, and tied her standing on one foot, tied to the tree. Suddenly she felt his belt rubbing on her body. “Please don’t hit me,” she begged him as she started to cry. He fumbled with his backpack, and suddenly she could feel him clamp one nipple, and soon the second.

His hand assaulted her body over, and over again, when he came from behind, pushed her body into the tree, and pushed his cock inside of her, carrying her so she could barely touch the ground. He fucked her so hard. His voice becoming deeper, and his grip firmer. His hands holding her body digging into her flesh, as he pushed harder, and deeper inside of her. One hand touching her clit as he fucked her, she found herself Cumming, and her cunt gushing. He pushed deeper inside of her, and he came. He stayed like that for a moment before he pulled his cock out of her. Her body could not support her. He loosened the rope, and let her fall to the ground. She passed out of exhaustion.

She woke up in a bed at the cabin. She was not tied. And then she saw his naked body in front of her. She froze. Realizing that she was completely naked under the covers, she knew that he was not done with her. He looked at her marveling at her body as he removed the cover and squirted some lubricant over her pussy. “Do I need to tie you up or will you be a good girl?”

He started to fuck her. His cock rubbing slowly on her raw insides. And then she saw the magic wand. She started to squirm, but he quickly pushed her chest down as he fucked her, and brought the wand closer to her clit. As soon the vibrations started, she at once felt her body convulse, and she was squirting a puddle. She blacked out.

She woke up to him next to her. He was stroking her hair. He removed the cover and carried her to the bathtub. It smelled so sweet. He lowered her body into the tub and went ahead to wash her body. She was calm now. He kissed her so lovingly, and asked her in a loving voice “are you OK? Where does it hurt?” She could hardly pull herself up, but she reached towards him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I am all right. I love you.” She was quiet, laying in peace in the warm bath, as he silently washed her hair.