Sex and kinky play are amazing. Well, good sex and play, whatever that means to you, is amazing. But as important as those things are, the chase and flirting and foreplay are just as important. Whether it’s your first time hooking up or you’ve been together for fifty years, being desired and knowing that your partner thinks you’re sexy is as meaningful and as rewarding as the sex or play itself.

In fact, without that, even if you’re fucking like a couple of world-class athletes on a porn shoot, can feel a little lackluster because of the lack of context and meaning.

Simply put, the chase is as important as the capture. So don’t forget, foreplay doesn’t start before you want to fuck, it should start as soon as the last time you had sex is over and you’re engaged in some sweet pillow talk and should continue until the next time you want to speak that love language again. Flirting and chasing isn’t just for new couples either, it’s for any dynamic in which you still have passion for each other and want it to be know