We had arrived at the club, it looked nothing special, just an old unused office building, and there was a doorman who took one look at us, smiled and opened the door. Rebecca looked stunning in a tight short rubber dress, collar and lead, I felt proud as I led her in. We went down a corridor following the sound of the music, and walked into the common area, already inhabited by various players.

After giving over Rebecca’s coat and the case of toys to the man on the cloakroom, we bought drinks and looked around. There was the common room of course and a video room showing D/s movies, a dark room for more intimate playing, and the playroom itself. Inside this room were a whipping post, a whipping bench, and a St. Andrews cross.

All were in use, as we entered making our way through the watchers. We found some friends of Rebecca’s and after brief introductions, sat down and talked. We all watched the play, making various comments and talking about our favourite subject in general. Rebecca who was sitting at my feet started to fidget, she wanted to play, so I told her to go get the toys and she ran off joyfully to the cloakroom.

When she returned, I made her put them down and sit again which she did with a pout; I smiled, enjoying teasing her. She kept tugging at her lead, giving me her puppy dog eyes. I resisted for a long time, pretending to be interested in the playing, but as soon as the whipping post became free I stood. “Let’s go.” Rebecca jumped up excitedly and taking up her lead, I led her over to it. The whipping post was situated upon a platform and on top of the post was a pulley system threaded with a chain that had a pair of manacles at the end.

After making sure they were secure around her wrists I pulled on the other end pulling her arms above her head and making her raise herself onto the balls of her feet. I then grabbed the hem of her rubber dress, and pulled it up, revealing her gorgeous sexy arse, well it was easier than making her take it off after the job we had getting her into it.

I had forbidden her to wear panties, and the low cut of her rubber dress ensured good access to her back. I opened the toy box and pulled out a flogger, this one made of very thin strands of soft leather. I started lightly, doing my massaging strokes, and Rebecca slumped forward enjoying the soothing relaxing feel of it across her back and arse. I then hit her hard across her arse just once, making the flogger bite and Rebecca jump forward, and then I went back to massaging. It had taken her by surprise, her head slump forward against the post awaiting the sting of the flogger again determined to be ready for it. But with the light relaxing strokes that I was doing now, she couldn’t help but relax to the soothing tempo. Then again a hard stinging blow across her arse followed closely by a second. She grunted holding on tightly to the post, as I went back to the soothing strokes.

This went on for a while, I never gave Rebecca a chance to foretell when the hard ones would fall, but the harder she tried to stay rigid the easier it was to relax her with the massaging blows. Then without warning I brought the flogger up hard between her legs. It raised her onto the balls of her feet, as she shook her head vigorously trying to keep her senses.

I brought another one up, causing her knees to buckle; and the chain take the full weight of her body. I helped Rebecca get back onto her feet and started again this time I mixed the floggers, soft leather, hard leather, rubber, and even a cat. I also mixed the light massaging strokes, with the hard ones and the ones between her thighs for some time, as Rebecca found sub-space and hung in the embrace of the chains.

It was when I stopped; shaking my own head, coming back from my own Dom space, that I was aware of the all people that had watched our little display and it sent a shiver of delight down my spine. I went over to Rebecca stood her up on shaky legs then she stood in my arms, her body trembling her mind caught between that space and reality. I talked to her calling to her and she slowly responded and she looked up into my eyes and smiled.

Seeing the sweat upon my brow she wiped it, and licked her dry lips. “Master I am so thirsty.” She said in a voice that cracked. I found a seat next to her friends and as they tended to her I went off to get us some drinks.

Once back I stood taking deep breaths, the concentration I had put into the flogging had taken a lot out of me, but the thrill of it is something quite exquisite, leaving all my nerves tingling with pleasure. Rebecca had now fully recovered and we stood watching some more play. All of a sudden she jumped up and down “It’s Alan!” she squealed excitedly. I looked at her puzzled. “You know I told you about him, he is the expert with the bull-whip. May I go say hello sir? Please?” I smiled and nodded as she ran off, enjoying her excitement. They kissed and talked for a few moments then she returned with him.

“This is my Master.” She introduced me”

Hello,” I smiled shaking his hand. “I understand that you are the expert with the bull-whip.”

“Yes that’s me, but unfortunately there isn’t enough room here, so instead I brought one of these.” He replied producing a thick piece of leather that reminded me of a snake. It was a quirt, I had never used one before and I took it in my hands appreciating the craftsmanship. He went on to explain how it is used, as I looked down into eyes, which were full of excitement and longing.
“Perhaps you could show me?” I asked grabbing Rebecca by the arm and taking her over to the whipping bench.
“My pleasure,” he said smiling. “Has she been a bad girl?”
“She is always a bad girl.” I laughed as I laid her face down on the bench.

“Master, you know that is not true!” Rebecca objected, but she gave no resistance to being placed on the bench. I moved to her head and arms and held them down as Alan lifted her rubber dress revealing her red arse, still heated from the flogging; and he ran his hand over it giving me an approving nod. Then he stood back swinging the quirt as Rebecca looked deep into my eyes, the anticipation unbearable as the leather whip bounded off her arse.

Her eyes widened in shock, the pain biting deep, again and again. I whispered encouragement as her fingers dug deep in to my arms, at one point she looked as though she was going to bite my arm off as she buried her head into me to stifle a scream. A crowd had gathered again, watching as I looked at Alan seeing him rubbing Rebecca’s arse again looking to see where he was going to put the next welt. Rebecca’s breathing had became deep her eyes glazed over as she looked into my eyes. I could see she was on the verge of sub space again, but there was still recognition, and I saw a look of wanting in her eyes that made my cock hard and again the quirt struck again. On that one Rebecca nearly crawled up the table, then another stroke followed quickly, and I knew she had had enough.

“Thank you Alan,” I said. “That was a most impressive demonstration.”

“My pleasure and see how well it did.” He stated proudly. I looked and Rebecca’s arse was criss-crossed with large red welts.

“Oh yes excellent.” I stated running my hand across it, making Rebecca moan out loud. The heat it generated was unbelievable. Then I helped Rebecca up and held her in my arms again.

“God!” she stated. “That was so intense.” I smiled knowing Rebecca was in such ecstasy. Again I held her until she had recovered at which point she left to get us some more drinks. As I stood waiting, this red haired minx stepped up close to me.

“Hello, my name is Cathy and I couldn’t help but notice you when you were using your floggers earlier. You had such a good technique.”

“Thank you.” I replied.

“That is quite all right, you see I don’t know if I am sub or Domme yet, never having found a man strong enough, but I bet you could do it.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere,” I laughed just as Rebecca returned. She crowded in close with us, smiling at the newcomer.

“Of course I would do nothing without your subs approval, if she wants me to leave I will.” Cathy said running her fingers up and down Rebecca’s breasts. Again I smiled then looked at Rebecca who was looking Cathy in the eyes.

“Do you want Cathy to leave love?” I asked. Rebecca shook her head no then leaned forward kissing her. I stepped back, letting them embrace, kissing long and hard. Then Cathy turned to me expectantly. I smiled grabbing her hair pulling her roughly over to me, and kissing her deeply. She bit at my bottom lip as I pulled her head back to release me. “A biter huh? I have a cure for that.” I kissed her again not letting her get her teeth into me though she tried, but instead I took her bottom lip between my teeth and pulled.

A sharp intake of breath from Cathy followed and she looked into my eyes pleading. I let go and smiled, “Remember you can do anything you want as long as you understand there are consequences for your actions. As in you bite me expect to get bitten back a lot harder.” She nodded but I also noted that she had a satisfied smile upon her face.

Rebecca then joined in our embrace as we all entered into a three-way kiss long and hard. Then I felt two hands rubbing my hard cock through my trousers. I looked down as both Rebecca and Cathy where enjoying making me uncomfortable.

“I want to see you use the flogger again, please.” Cathy pleaded. I took both of them to the whipping bench then laying Rebecca down in the same position as when she was quirted, Cathy climbed up on the bench and put Rebecca’s head in her lap and held onto her arms as I started using the flogger again. A crowd quickly came in to watch, but I just concentrated on my task so was not aware of them.

First off I used the horsehair flogger; the one that Rebecca laughed at saying it would tickle her to death. ‘Swish’ it hit her. Rebecca grabbed onto Cathy holding tightly, the course horsehair stinging her already raw arse. After a short while I changed floggers to the rubber cord one. Up and down her back it brushed lightly then I would put in a hard one and Rebecca would jump then I brought it up between her legs. I could see her body shaking again.

Cathy let go of Rebecca, and moved around with her eyes never leaving mine, as she slowly lay on top of Rebecca, waiting. I lifted up Cathy’s short leather skirt, to reveal her arse, my hand running over it feeling how cool and smooth it felt. Then standing back I lightly massaged her back and arse with the flogger then I swatted hard once then twice. Going back to a soothing swing, letting her relax enjoying the sensation than I brought it up between her legs hard she dug into Rebecca moaning. I continued, in my element now, switching floggers to the heavier leather one.

Both girls were grunting as I started to swat harder, then took up the thick rubber flogger and with one in each hand flogged them, using both giving them no respite, feeling myself as an onlooker standing aside watching me do this. Time had no place, how long I flogged I do not know it could have been minutes, hours, days, all I could see and know were these two women beneath my floggers. My concentration was so deep and both women had become my entire universe.

I stopped drawing in deep rugged breaths, as the girls pulled themselves up. Then moving over to me, we joined in a three-way kiss again our tongues darting everywhere, tasting each other. My hand slid down between Cathy’s thighs, where I was met by Rebecca’s hand. She was so wet, as our fingers teased and played her clit. I kissed and bit into Cathy’s neck from one side, Rebecca from the other. Our fingers slide in deep as she rode them, I whispered into her ear, “Cum for me.” Rebecca whispered in her other ear “Cum for my Master.”

“No.” Cathy cried out, resisting, but the more she resisted the harder we drove her until she yelled out her orgasm and came all over my hand. I continued to tease her clit as she and Rebecca kissed, then stepping back removing my hand I saw that another group of people where watching us closely. Smiling, I placed my hand in front of both Rebecca and Cathy and they licked and kissed my hand clean, while the audience looked on, then we gathered in a three-way kiss again. After we pulled apart Rebecca fell to her knees kneeling before me, for the first time, the pride I felt was unbelievable, and I stood admiring my sub, knowing one day she would be my slave. Rebecca looked up into my eyes smiling.

“Master I want you now!” She pleaded. I smiled lifting her then kissed her deeply, my lust for her overwhelming me.
“I think we will go back to the hotel first.” I stated.
“But Master why, there is the intimate room we could go to.” She protested her need evident.

“True but my knives are back in the room.” I stated. Rebecca looked at me and shivered then she hurriedly got all our things together without saying another word. We kissed Cathy good night and left the club hailing a taxi Rebecca was like a little girl knowing a treat was waiting for her when we got home. And indeed there was, but that is another story.