I’d love to give you a spanking because that’s a gift we’d both enjoy, but the gift I really want to give you is a lot more impactful than that. Diamonds are nice, rubies are fun, but the gift I’d really want to give you isn’t one that can be put in a box and it’s more beautiful than the two.

The gift I’d love to give you would allow you to see yourself exactly how I see you. To be able to see your full beauty without the veil of self-doubt. To witness your elegance and sexiness as they swirl into a cocktail of a delicious sexy kitten. You’d lay eyes on your stunning physical frame and then realize it pales in comparison to the beautiful person you are underneath.

I wish I could give that to you, but until that day, I’ll let you see your reflection through my affection and remind you how beautiful you are on the days you need it most.