She yearned for the kind of love that would make her heart race and be calm at the same time. The kind of love that breeds trust and understanding of one another. A bond so strong that it both holds you in its comfort in your time of need and lifts you up when it’s time to soar.

The kind of love that is earned and worked for with blood, sweat and lots of nasty and kinky sex. The kind of love where you feel right at home, whether you’re together at the Symphony or chained up in a dungeon being whipped by your lover. The one who you whisper to, “Daddy, fuck me”, into his ear as he slides your panties to the side and makes you cum so easily.

The kind of love that dreams are made out of, but in reality, taste so much sweeter. She wanted that kind of love more than anything and found it when she took down that wall she hid behind and took the chance of being hurt because she knew it was worth it and she had the same exact love to give and she could no longer keep that love hidden away, so she surrendered, to that kind of love.